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Personalized & Custom Engraved Award Plaques

An award plaque conveys a strong message to employees regarding the work performance and behavior that is valued by your company. Custom engraved awards and recognition plaques communicate these essential values, employees will understand how their performance directly contributes to a company's ability to achieve its goals. A legacy of excellence builds through your entire organization, giving every employee something to aspire to, and a set of goals to obtain. Establishing a baseline of achievement is crucial in identifying employees that Dare to Soar and those who go Above and Beyond what is "expected" of them.

Personalized & Custom Engraved Award Plaques

Recognition plaques are beautiful and meaningful decorations that show off an individual or team's contributions. Custom award plaques can be used in businesses, schools, and any other type of organization where valuable work deserves to be recognized. Plaque awards from Successories come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, ranging from image plaques to traditional award plaque engraving, to perpetual award plaques that feature motivational quotes. Recipients and organizations will love to display these beautiful forms of recognition, which serve to inspire others as they celebrate hard work and commitment. View more than 100 styles of award plaques below. Our exclusive individual 7"x9" full color laminated plaques are paired with one of our stunning images and motivational messages. A plate is also included to customize your plaque with your message and/or logo.

Benefits of Using Recognition Plaques

Plaque awards are physical tokens of appreciation whose meaning can extend far beyond their beauty. By taking the time to engrave someone's name and contribution on an award, or by picking out an inspirational message that holds special meaning related to the recipient, you can make a meaningful impact on whomever receives your thoughtful gesture.

Reasons to consider using custom award plaques include:

  • You can publicly support someone who has positively contributed to an organization, both during an awards ceremony and after the award is displayed
  • Anyone who sees the award will be able to thank the individual or team for their contribution, and sentiment for an organization may increase
  • The plaque award serves as a reminder that contributions are valued and will be recognized, which can motivate others
  • Besides being objects of recognition, plaque awards are also beautiful decorations that brighten up an office or any area they're displayed in
  • Recognition plaques provide a legacy to an organization, which can trace accomplishments over time as the awards are updated with new names and contributions

With an endless amount of customization options from Successories, it's easy to create an award plaque engraving that perfectly suits your organization and its needs. Our unique custom photo plaques are incredibly special, allowing a person or moment in time to forever be commemorated.

Ways to Use Plaque Awards in an Organization

Award plaques are fitting for just about any type of organization, ranging from large corporations to community buildings and schools. Here are some ideas for how to use recognition plaques.

  • In business: An annual awards ceremony is the perfect time to hand out award plaques to employees who have achieved milestones with your business. Using award plaque engraving for individual awards, you can recognize individual employees based on the amount of time they've worked for your company, for a specific significant achievement they've made, or as a way to commemorate their retirement. Perpetual plaques can be displayed throughout an office and include winners for awards like employee of the month or top sales associate of the year. These can be updated regularly, so that past and present winners can be recognized as a group.
  • In competition: Any competitive event can be completed with an awards plaque ceremony recognizing winners and participants. These can range from team sports competitions or golf tournaments, to annual awards given out by an organization, such as a newspaper doling out local awards based on reader votes. Film festivals, design competitions, and other community events are all times when award plaques might be appropriate to hand out.
  • In school: Trophy cases and school offices are great places to display recognition for the hard work teachers, school administrators, and even parents do to positively impact a school. They're also great to use as legacy items to recognize outstanding students, athletes, and school donors who enhance a school's history. Award plaques for school contributions are also great for recipients to take home, so they can be reminded that the effort they put in is valued and serves a larger entity.

Award plaques can be tailored to fit a theme or desired message, through the customization of photos and inspirational quotes displayed on the award. Having a tangible way to see that work is valued helps to make recipients motivated to continue to pursue their goals and to be essential components of an organization's success.

Shop Award Plaques Now

Successories has an extensive selection of beautiful recognition plaques to celebrate any occasion. These plaques are made with high-quality materials so that they are long-lasting and can be proudly displayed prominently in an office, hallway, trophy case, or home. Our custom award plaque engraving allows you to create plaque awards that are truly one-of-a-kind. Recipients will feel special being recognized on high-quality award items like these personalized glass plaques.

When you shop at Successories, you can count on our team to ensure your complete satisfaction with every order. Contact us at 800-535-2773 if you have any questions or need help customizing a meaningful order for your organization. Our experts are here to assist as you shop for award plaques.

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Customer Favorite Plaque Awards

Updated Monday 04-22-2024
Collaborate Grove Framed Award
from Cheryl of Minneapolis, MN

Collaborate Grove Framed Award

Awards were a success!!!!
This award plaque was a great story to tell and we have motivated others to win on-going recognition!

Achievement Tree Framed Award
from Linda K. of Falls Creek, PA

Achievement Tree Framed Award

Perfect! Matched our needs perfectly.
Very prompt delivery!

Above & Beyond Infinity Award Plaque
from Stuck on Sailin' of Killeen, TX

Above & Beyond Infinity Award Plaque

Their name says it all!
This award is to be presented to a local Law Enforcement agency. The original item arrived with an accidental "typo". Successories was instantly-responsive and had a corrected item back in the mail expeditiously. When the shipping company ran into delays, Successories intervened and helped ensure the replacement award arrived well-before it was to be presented. Outstanding service!