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"To say, 'To pay for this, we're going to tax corporate America,' I don't think that's fair. You'd have to do the other side of it and tax labor too, since labor will be paying for this as well."
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"Blades are the fastest growing part of the market from an architecture point of view. It represents 10 percent of our sales today, and it is growing fast."
"He's just an animal. When he walks on that mat, he's all business."
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"Once you start crossing and clouding the lines between campaign finance and lobbying reform, you're sending mixed messages and going to get a bill that's probably not going to pass, or going to be so weighed down with things that it will be too complicated."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"We did find some witness that saw him walking the dog maybe five minutes before his body was discovered, so we're only talking about a five- minute window, five or 10 minutes maybe."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"This is probably one of my worst college performances if you look at my line. There were so many ups and downs during the game. So to come out on the up side is the best feeling in the world."
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"They really pressure the ball a lot and make your guards get out of their comfort zone. I don't think we've seen pressure like that this year."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"Potential channel conflict can be avoided if managers and workers are compensated and rewarded on how they work to promote the overall brand."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes
"They had to take control of an individual. Unfortunately, size doesn't matter if you have a knife or a gun. We've had law enforcement officers killed by teenagers."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"The hope is we can all do this together. I'd like to see a coalition formed so we can hold a meeting in the next few weeks."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"The biggest thing I did this year was I got rid of the garbage kids that weren't putting out in practice and tightened down on the guys that were. The practice room is a whole different situation this year. We worked harder."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"You can kind of throw those seeds out the window."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Kindness Quotes
"It's all about relationships and who you know."
"To finally be here in my senior year means a lot to me, and I'm just trying to take advantage of the situation."
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"At this point, we're still searching for the subject. We're trying to positively identify him. We believe there is a relationship between the female victim and the subject we're looking for who reportedly fled on foot."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"This was a huge victory for our program."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Victory Quotes
"This was a huge victory for our program. We've had guys step up all year and this was just like any other game."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Victory Quotes
"We have some members who appreciate the broad nature of the organization. And we have members who like the way it used to work with quick decisions."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Nature Quotes
"We don't believe anybody would have survived this accident, because of the nature of the debris and how it was scattered."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Nature Quotes
"He showed up at the school very dirty and a little wet."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: School Quotes

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