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Building Your Brand With Promotional Products

Each year organizations spend millions of dollars establishing and reinforcing their brands as they seek to achieve top-of-mind awareness in the marketplace. While branding strategies can be incredibly comprehensive or simple and focused, two elements are absolutely essential in creating an instantly recognizable and unforgettable image: a distinctive logo and a focused tagline.

Having spent the time, money and energy to create these image-defining tools, organizations generally incorporate a variety of media approaches from print and web ads to billboards and television commercials to create instant name recognition. While each of these approaches are effective in their own way, they can be costly and somewhat untargeted. That's where promotional products come in.

Let them know you're here – effectively, memorably and affordably.

Whether you're personally handing them out or mailing them to a qualified list of potential customers, promotional products imprinted with your logo and tagline provide a direct link to those people and organizations most likely to have a need for your products or services. In addition to providing highly targeted exposure for your brand, a wide variety of promotional products are available at extremely affordable prices. This one-two combination of effectiveness and affordability makes promotional products a powerful advertising tool.

With thousands of items to choose from and innovative new products being introduced regularly, you should have no trouble finding an item appropriate for your company's image and perfect for your specific need:

Special Events
Takeaways leave a lasting impression long after the event is over. Invest in your brand by handing out an eye-catching, image-raising giveaway at your next tradeshow, customer appreciation event, company-sponsored seminar or golf outing.

Business Gifts
Enhance the relationships you value most with something special. Whether you're looking to leave a strong impression with a high-quality embossed leather item or unique desktop accessory or make a more modest statement with an attractive but affordable pen or tote, you'll have no trouble finding great ideas for end-of-the-year and customer appreciation gifts, sales call "thank you's," and years-of-service acknowledgements.

Employee Relations
Nurture staff pride in your organization with promotional products for every internal occasion. Imprinted products make wonderful recruiting tools, welcome gifts for new hires, popular giveaways for Customer Service Week and other special occasions, party favors for holiday events and summer outings and inspiring takeaways for training sessions and all-company meetings.

With their versatility, effectiveness and affordability, promotional products can play an important role in the development of any organization. Consider putting their power to work for you at the next opportunity—and let the branding begin.

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