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High Five Day Gifts

National High Five Day is April 21, 2022. It's fun and easy to celebrate this special day. Give a High Five to everyone you see. This includes friends, family, passersby, and total strangers. The more high fives you give, the better.

High Five Day Gifts

The creation of this special day dates back to 2002. It was created by college students at the Universityof Virginia. Those students were Conor Lastowka from San Diego, California, Sam Miotke of Corvallis, Oregon, and Wynn Walent of New York City. They celebrated with lemonade and a profusion of High Fives.

The act of giving a "High Five", dates back to 1977, when it was first used during a Basketball game.Their congratulatory gesture caught on rapidly, and has been popular ever since. This is referred to as a "National" day. However, we did not find any congressional records or presidential proclamations for this day.

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Customer Favorite High Five Day

Updated Monday 05-23-2022
Together We Can Executive Sculpture
starstarstarstarno star from Janice Williams of Charlotte, NC

Together We Can Executive Sculpture

Great Visual award
This is a great award to visually depict collaboration as opposed to just a plaque with words. Lends to questions and sharing of the reason for the award well.

High Five  Praise Pad
starstarstarstarstar from Tonya Dodge of Moscow, ID

High Five Praise Pad

Fun and Encouraging!
I write little notes to my co-workers on these praise pads. I purchased the three pack - High-Five, Thank You, and Pep-Talk. My co-workers have enjoyed receiving them. Not only do they provide feedback, but a little encouragement and a smile too!

Praise Pad Sticky Notes Variety Pack
starstarstarstarno star from Pennie Allen of Yorba Linda, CA

Praise Pad Sticky Notes Variety Pack

Great Sticky Notes
These preformated notes keep giving positive feedback to my team top of mind. They are always at my fingertips and a constant reminder to remember the team members who help me succeed.

12 Ways to High Five

12 Ways to High Five Employees and Co-Workers

  1. The Simple Yet Profound High Five
  2. You can't go wrong with the classic high five. Raise your right hand and let your palms smack.

  3. The Double High Five
  4. Throw them both up for an aggressively awesome face-to-face high five.

  5. The Standard Low Five
  6. Just as awesome as the classic, but maybe slightly cooler it's subtlety. None of that "Too Slow" stuff. Not cool.

  7. The Inverted High Five
  8. For the germaphobic, this is a great way to keep your dirty paws off each other while celebrating.

  9. The Just Washed My Hands Five
  10. Nothing worse is than getting a high five coming out of the bathroom having washed your hands but they are not dry yet. No one wants a wet slap, but that doesn't mean you should leave them hanging. Welcome the elegant elbow bump.

  11. The Verbal High Five
  12. It's the "What's up?", the silent head nod, the alternative to a passing smile... keep them on their toes and bring a smile to their face.

  13. The Fist Bump
  14. Also a favorite among germaphobics, this modern turn on the high have can have just as many alternatives. Whether you keep it cool and classic or explode like Baymax from Big Hero 6, this is a favorite among Millenials.

  15. The Generation Divide High Five
  16. Don't worry about styles clashing, Baby Boomers and Millenials can laugh off the awkward exchange and teach each other a thing or two about what it means to be groovy or on fleek.

  17. The Self High Five
  18. Before the selfie came the self congratulatory high five. Raise your right hand like someone is gonna high five you, but you come in the left and take care of business yourself.

  19. The Premature High Five
  20. High Fives are supposed to be quick, but once in awhile you will see the person you want to high five who is just a little too far away. Raise it up and keep it up until you are finally within proximity to your target.

  21. The Dancing High Five
  22. Victory dances are a great way to celebrate. Pile on by giving a high five.

  23. The Epic High Five
  24. The whole team can participate in a group high five. A great way to connect and celebrate. No one is left hanging.

  25. High Five Gifts
  26. Give them a physical representation of a high five for a lasting impression. Successories has a unique collection of exclusive gifts to show your appreciation. Shop now →

Internet High Five
12 Ways to High Five Employees Infographic