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Communicate Your Organizational Values

It's not enough to just define your organizational values...

you must support them with everything that you say and do -

day in and day out!

Studies have shown that it takes 5 or 6 exposures of a message for it to be absorbed and understood. And your organizational values are some of the most important messages you need to communicate to your people. That's why you need to support your vision and beliefs in everything you do - every single day. Tell them your values...then tell them again...and then tell them one more time. It's the only way to ensure your entire organization is focused on your success.

Here are four clear steps to ensure that everyone in your organization knows your core values, understands how these values work within your culture, and embraces them with every action.

* Step 1: Communicate

Don't just whisper, SHOUT your organization's vision and core beliefs at every opportunity: on your walls, at meetings, at every desk, through everything you do.

* Step 2: Educate

Make sure everyone knows your values and understands their role in supporting them. Put your employee handbooks in themed binders, offer seminars and workshops that support your core values, and use other materials to constantly educate your people.

* Step 3: Reinforce

From the pens they write with to the desktop images that inspire them to the mugs they drink out of, reinforce what's important to your organization all the time.

* Step 4: Recognize

Acknowledge those who embody your organizational goals with monthly, quarterly and annual awards. And when you see someone exemplifying your values, reward them immediately with instant recognition to encourage those positive behaviors.

When people at every level in your organization know your core values it will lead you to great success!

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