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Acknowledge the EXTRA Mile!

In a challenging business climate, your team has given you their best. They've stepped up their game, pushed beyond their comfort zones and worked harder and smarter than ever to keep your organization moving forward.

Now it's your turn. Be sure to give them your best by recognizing each and every individual's contributions with awards that go above and beyond. Though this comprehensive approach to recognition may seem daunting, a wide variety of options makes it both realistic and affordable.

Choose an award that matches their contribution

Presidential Award-level performers, key executives and top honorees:
Top-shelf crystal awards display your appreciation for the depth of their contributions and establish a standard of excellence to which every attendee can aspire. Handmade art glass awards are an attractive choice when you're looking to recognize your one-of-a-kind contributors. View all awards

High achievers, top sellers, big idea generators and rising stars:
Acrylic or sculpted resin awards are available in a myriad of unique designs from bold and colorful to sleek and contemporary. Though prices may vary depending on the award, these eye-catching options are more affordable than crystal but still make a strong statement of support and acknowledgement for the recipient's accomplishments. View all awards

Team leaders, above-and-beyond service and important anniversaries:
Framed awards or acrylic plaques featuring colorful images and inspiring messages provide a great opportunity to deliver meaningful recognition for beyond-the-call employees who deserve special acknowledgement. Reasonably priced, they serve as powerful year-round reminders when displayed on the desktop or wall. View all awards

Perfect attendance, safety milestones, every day heroes and all team players:
Eminently affordable, hundreds of memorable options are available in the twenty-cent to twenty-dollar range. Certificates with inspiring messages and beautiful images are available for well under a dollar per piece. (Add an embossed seal and a frame or folder for special achievements.) Brass medallions and colorful lapel pins offer a variety of message options. Gaining in popularity, distinctively designed mini-awards offer a small but striking alternative to traditionally sized awards. These types of affordable recognition tools allow you to allocate the majority of your budget to your top awards while creating a positive atmosphere that includes everyone in the event. To give your budget an additional break, take advantage of quantity pricing and stock up on these lower-cost items ideal for morale-boosting, on-the-spot recognition throughout 2009. View all awards

Now more than ever, recognition makes your hard-working team feel that their over-and-above contributions are sincerely valued. Increase employee morale and productivity by creating an affordable and effective celebration of recognition this award season.

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