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Attitude - We are What We Think

"Nothing can stop the man with the right
mental attitude from achieving his goal."
Thomas Jefferson

Attitude. It can't be touched. It can't be measured. It can't be explained. It's importance, though, can't be denied.

For living proof, consider these statistics. Anthony Robles, a 2006 graduate of Mesa High School in Arizona:

• Claimed the High School National Wrestling Championship in 2006
• Won the Arizona state wrestling championship twice
• Finished his senior season with a perfect 53-0 record – his second consecutive undefeated season.
• Compiled a four-year high school record of 129 wins and 15 losses

His achievements would have been considered impressive by any standard. Making them even more significant, however, was the fact that Anthony Robles was born with just one leg.

More than simply persevering, Anthony excelled at the highest level of his sport despite his seemingly restrictive disability. His attitude explains his miraculous accomplishments. "You don't have a disability unless you think you do."

Through the immeasurable power of his positive mental approach, Anthony was able to fulfill and exceed his desire to participate in competitive sports just like his four siblings. Because he never saw himself differently, they never treated him differently. His attitude made all the difference.

"We are what we think."

This quote from Buddha that serves as the headline to this story reinforces the transformative power of attitude. In the same way individuals can alter their lives through their attitudes and thoughts, organizations can achieve dramatic results through a consistently positive approach to business.

Take an attitude with your team!

While your executives and managers are instrumental in creating and maintaining a can-do atmosphere, it's also important to surround staff at every level with encouraging ideas and positive messages in every workspace. Begin realizing the unquantifiable and substantial benefits of the power of attitude today. You can be what you think you are.

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