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Empowerment: Achieving Peak Performance Through Self-Leadership

Empowerment is based on research from one of the most powerful training programs offered by The Ken Blanchard Companies—Situational Self Leadership. The program helps employees learn to accept responsibility for their own growth and progress and creates awareness of their ability to guide themselves in today's work environment where reaction time and teaming are paramount to business success.

The authors maintain that in a world crying out for effective leadership, you need to begin with the most obvious source—yourself. Learn how to grab hold and run with the ball in this leadership handbook that contains useful tips, advice and illustrations that will help you empower yourself and your team through self-leadership. Here is just a sampling of what you'll find inside.

Don't resist change, contribute to it.
One of the benefits of being a self-leader is that you tend to initiate change or determine the role you want change to play in your life and work.

Find someone who can provide you with direction and support.
As a self-leader, the burden of leadership falls to you. If you can't get the leadership you need from your immediate boss, then get it from a teammate, a mentor, or even an expert outside your organization.

Use the magic words, "I need".
A primary skill of a self-leader is stating honestly and directly what is needed. Be specific about what you need when soliciting feedback, and asking for instructions.

Be mission driven.
Goals are finite. What keeps you going after you've reached a goal? With a sense of purpose and mission, goal setting becomes a vital link between your values and your ongoing behavior.

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