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Facilitating 'Comfortable Change'

Every day your organization is changing. Sometimes the changes are small, affecting only a handful of people or departments, and sometimes these changes are so far-reaching they seem intimidating.

Regardless of the magnitude of the change you're facing, you can make the transition easier. Communication, as always, is key. Let everyone know what's going on, and always answer the "why." Act fast before news starts spreading through the grapevine. Even if you don't have all the details, or can only be vague, communicate. Earn people's trust through periodic updates, and provide facts as they become available.

Always illustrate why change is good. Tell why the new way of doing things is better, why it will provide better outcomes, and how these outcomes will help meet the organization's goals. Once people are presented with this information, the change becomes easier to accept.

Lastly, praise people for changing their behavior. For example, if you're implementing an extensive new process, give daily verbal praise to reinforce behavior, and celebrate when you reach important milestones.

Now sit back, get comfortable and change!

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