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Ten Tips For Communicating and Marketing Your Recognition Program

Designing and deploying a recognition program is an accomplishment, but the true "staying power" of the program is linked to a successful communicating and marketing strategy! Refer to these ten tips when creating your program's marketing plan:

1. Use multi-media - Review the communication channels that are available to you and incorporate them into your plan.

2. Leverage word-of-mouth communication - Create the "words" for management and your leadership teams to use to "talk-up" your program.

3. Encourage your management and leadership to "Walk the Talk" - Engage your leaders as your advocates.

4. Use logo merchandise to extend the reach of your message. Use your program's logo or image on the items your recipients receive and they will help promote the program.

5. Use focus groups to hone your product and message - Ask for feedback!

6. Develop a team of champions to help you carry the message of your program to their work groups.

7. Communicate with a crescendo - Design your communications plan to "create" excitement.

8. Variety is the spice of marketing, so remember to vary your marketing approach to keep your message fresh.

9. Get the winners out in front and use their "testimonials" to help communicate the value of your program.

10. Add to goals - Link your program to tangible business results.

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