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Medallions & Challenge Coins

Successories collection of exclusive brass medallions make great custom company challenge coins and recognition gifts.

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Customer Favorite Medallions & Challenge Coins

Updated Thursday 07-18-2024
Velvet Medallion Gift Box
from Chaim Buchinger of Brooklyn, NY

Velvet Medallion Gift Box

great service

Leadership Compass Medallion Challenge Coin
from Timothy Cotner of Lumberton, NC

Leadership Compass Medallion Challenge Coin

I would purchase this item again
A great way to recognize leadership employees in a meaningful way.

Years of Service Brass Medallion
from Jeanine of Undisclosed

Years of Service Brass Medallion

Yes, with exceptions to shipping
We use these medallions on a yearly basis and present to our teachers for their service. We have repeatedly ordered these for years. It was disappointing that some of the order that came in were damaged. Damaged meaning that the numbers were scratched off so I had to request new ones. Next year, we will have an issue with the medallion holder. You have discontinued the preferred one and we will have some changes in our presentation because we will have two different holders. On that note, the holders seem quite expensive so we may go another route with holders.