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2015 National Boss's Day

Even bosses need to be shown recognition and told that they too are appreciated. Friday, October 16th 2015 is your chance to both tell and show your boss what you really think of him or her. Don't be shy to give your boss the appreciation that he or she truely deserves. Read More >>

Boss's Day October 16th

Count Down to
Boss' Day

Oct 16, 2015

Boss's Day Gift Ideas:

Executive Desktop Games
Bosses Day Gift Games
Let your boss play and stay motivated with our exclusive interactive sculptures!
Gift Pens & Pen Cups
Bosses Day  Gift Pens
Our pens & pen holders encourage a positive attitude and will brighten their work day.
Signature Frames
Bosses Day  Gift Pens
Boss' Day be can be a team effort. Let everyone express their appreciation!
Executive Gift Clocks
Clocks Boss Gifts
Exclusive clocks give the time and inspiration. A boss' gift that says "Thank You" time and time again.
Gift Mugs & Drinkware
Mugs Boss Gifts
Give the gift of energy and inspiration with Successories exclusive ceramic mugs.
Desktop Prints
Bosses Day  Gifts Desktop Prints
An impressive and affordable gift, show appreciation with our wide range of framed desktop prints.
Glass & Crystal Gifts
Glasses and Vases Bosses Gifts
Elegant boss's gifts that shine like their leadership.
Inspirational Gift Books
Inspirational Books
Give your leaders a gift book that will further inspire them and their team.
Bosses Day  Gifts Leather Padfolios
A great gift that continues to remind your boss about the values that make them a great boss.

History of Boss' Day

The origin of National Boss's Day dates back to 1958 when Patricia Bays Haroski, an employee at State Farm Insurance Company in Illinois, registered it with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Haroski chose the date because it was her father's birthday. Who was her boss? ....her father.

The date of October 16 was chosen, which also happened to be her father's birthday. She was actually working for her father when she made the registration.

Otto Kerner, the Governor of Illinois at the time, made the choice to back Ms. Haroski's registration in 1962. He then proclaimed October 16th to be Boss's Day. The reason to designate this day is to give the bosses of an organization the appreciation that she thought was deserved.

Bosses Day

Sometimes refered to as Bosses Day, this holiday is the one day of the year for them to be recognized for the job they do throughout the year. Many American workers may not know that Bosses Day is October 16th. This is the day workers of any business are able to make an impression on their bosses.

Celebrate Bosses Day on October 16th, 2015 with all your coworkers and all their bosses. Bosses day is that rare chance to do something special for your leader. Leadership gifts are a great way to show your appreciation on Bosses Day.

Boss's Day Gift Ideas

Employees have many options to choose when deciding how to celebrate Boss's Day. One of the better and more personal ways is to write a simple note or offer a boss a card. The basic idea is to thank them for the support and appreciation that is given throughout the year.

Another option is to go in with a group of coworkers to purchase a personalized gift or appreciation gift. There will also be people who may take their boss out to lunch. However, keep in mind any workplace etiquette that may apply.

Why Celebrate Boss's Day

The idea for Boss's Day is also a strategy to help improve the employee-management relationships that exist in an organization. Ms. Haroski believed younger employees often did not understand all the hard work and dedication that their immediate management demonstrated each day. Moreover, she believed workers also need to show their boss or supervisor equal acknowledgment, at least once each year.

Top characteristics of a good boss: Fair, Honest, Understanding, Approachable, A Good Communicator.

Every boss has demonstrated qualities that can be celebrated. These are not as difficult to find when an individual puts in a little thought and effort. Management of an organization will discover they need to praise and recognize employees to help motivate them. A supervisor, manager, and other type of boss will come in all sizes and shapes. They can come across as thoughtful, aggressive, insightful, and quiet.

Many often choose to lead by example and work to create an environment that is friendly and rewards ambition and loyalty. A good boss is a person who may act as a mentor and be there to listen to complaints. Show your appreciation for their leadership, compassion, mentoring and support! Celebrate Boss's Day on October 16th, 2015

Take your boss out to lunch with your co-workers. Splitting the bill among you makes this an affordable activity. Present him with an inspirational gift or a token of appreciation that is work appropriate. The boss's day gift should be something that is both stylish and functional so that it used often and looked upon fondly as a constant reminder of how his or her team appreciates the job he or she is doing.

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Customer Favorite Boss' Day Gifts

Updated Wednesday 04-01-2015
Leadership Pen
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating | Reviewer: Delia of VA

Leadership Pen

Slick & Sophisticated

It's worth the price

Marquis by Waterford Pen and Case-Excellence Eagle
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating | Reviewer: Cruisegirl of Chino Hills, CA

Marquis by Waterford Pen and Case-Excellence Eagle

Perfect Gift

I gave the pen to a relative for his 40th birthday and he loved it. As an attorney the pen will be very useful and the Excellence verse is very motivational!

Interactive Gear Clock Personalized Desk Clock
Rating: rating rating rating rating rating | Reviewer: Spend some cash to make some cash of Denver, Colorado

Interactive Gear Clock Personalized Desk Clock

Great Thank You Gift

Brilliant Thank You Gift. Every time your client looks at the time, they will think of you.

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