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Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

Count Down to Employee Appreciation Day

March 2nd, 2018

Employee Appreciation Day encourages managers of all levels to support and reward their employees, and to show their appreciation! Successories has a variety of exclusive high quality employee appreciation day gifts for your team.

Employee Appreciation Day is still months away, but if you are looking for employee gifts, check out these employee gift ideas from Successories such as drinkware gifts, lapel pins, and thank you gifts. If you are looking for something fun and motivational, we have a ton of exclusive fun motivation gifts.

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Employee Appreciation Day Gift Ideas

Employee Appreciation Day Gifts & Ideas

There are many ways for a business to begin preparations for Employee Appreciation Day. Any business is also able to show appreciation in simple, yet convincingly effective ways. Here are some great ideas for employee apprecaition day so you can bring a smile to your employees' faces:

Feed The Troops

If you're looking for strategies to recognize your staff, offering a catered luncheon for employees is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to keep your team happy and reward them for a job well done. A company lunch encourages socialization and bonding among staff while enabling business leaders to thank individual team members and the company as a whole at a single event.

Party & Praise

Host a party during work or at the end of business day. Depending on budget, invite significant others and children to make it feel even more inclusive. Your theme is very important part of the message of appreciation you are trying to communicate to the team. So whether your are hosting a luau, completing in the an office olympics, or shuffling through a casion night, your messaging should be about teamwork and the success everyone has acheived with gifts & rewards that enphasize those themes like Making a Difference or Essential Part

Employee Gifts that Keep on Giving

Providing small tokens of thanks to everyone on your team can go a long way. In fact, offering employee rewards can reduce turnover rates, according to statistics from digital strategy company Reload Media. Practical items your staff can use at work, such as mousepads or pens, won't only show your appreciation, but serve as a daily reminder that their had work is recognized.

Award & Recognize

Make each reward personal with a gift. For example, consider rewarding a standout employee who's known for his collaboration skills with a framed desktop print that celebrates teamwork and reflects on his contributions to the company. Or, show your most energetic and enthusiastic staff member your thanks for his positive attitude with a coffee mug that celebrates his one-of-a-kind mentality. Employee awards is another classic and meaningful gift that will last a lifetime.

More Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

  1. Bring box of doughnuts or snacks for employees.
  2. Offer to buy an employee a cup of coffee.
  3. Write a handwritten thank your note. Be genuine and not generic with the message.
  4. Give a speach & say "Thank You" to one or a group of employees all at once.
  5. Create a certificate of appreciation for everyone in the office.
  6. Offer some free time, such as extra time for lunch or leaving for home early.
  7. Bring in pizza or offer to host a potluck and have employees bring in a dish.
  8. Meet with employees for a weekly morning round table. Offer coffee and a roll or even a muffin.

Appreciating employees does not need to be limited to one day each year. Many ideas can be used any time of the year whenever employees need to be rewarded or appreciated. One thing to keep in mind is appreciation and recognition are business strategies along with gestures for employees. A business will need to develop a plan and then communicate it with every employee.

Employee Appreciation Day Gift Ideas:

Bags & Totes
Employee Appreciation Gift Bag
A functional gift that shows your appreciation.
Drinkware & Mugs
Employee Appreciation Drinkware Gift Ideas
Tell them "Thanks for all you do" with every sip.
Fun Motivational Gifts
Fun Employee Appreciation Gifts
Our exclusive fun motivational gifts includes games, toys & much more.
Gift Sets
Employee Appreciation Gift Sets
Make them feel really appreciated & give them even more with affordable gift sets.
Personalized Gifts
Employee Appreciation Personalized Gifts
From engraved keepsakes to vases and clocks, make your gift personal.
Tech Accessories
Employee Appreciation Tech Gifts
Keep them happy & productive with tech gifts that show your appreciation.
Pens & Highlighers
Employee Appreciation Pen Gifts
Functional & Fun! Pen's make great gifts for the office.
Lapel Pins
Employee Appreciation Lapel Pins
Bring flair so they can display your appreciation.

When is Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day is always the first Friday of March.

Every year, Employee Appreciation Day takes place to remind company leaders of the importance of recognizing their hardworking staff. Ensure that you're taking advantage of the day to boost morale and show your employees that you've taken note of their dedication, contributions and progress.

Even the best of the best agree that appreciating employees is crucial to a strong work ethic: A 2013 survey by the Aberdeen Group found that 60 percent of Best-In-Class organizations thought employee recognition to be one of the most important drivers for successful individual work performance.

Employees find recognition to be a great source of motivation as well. For many, it even serves as one of the primary reasons for staying with their employers. A survey by Gallup found that the No. 1 reason Americans leave their jobs is because they don't feel appreciated. In fact, the largest concern among human resources departments in 2015 was employee satisfaction and engagement, as many companies continued to fight high turnover rates, according to a survey of 3,300 worldwide organizations by consulting firm Deloitte.

Steps to Pulling Off A Successful Employee Appreciation Day

1. Set aside money in your budget

When you plan your company budget at the start of every year, set aside money for employee recognition expenditures. You won't want to have to sacrifice these costs because you don't have the funds due to poor planning—without employee recognition, your company is at risk of seeing a loss in engagement and productivity. Give staff a reason other than a paycheck to work hard. Have money ready to invest in events like employee lunches.

2. Send out sufficient notice

In an email or company announcement, inform staff that they will be receiving a free lunch in celebration of Employee Appreciation Day, including the date and time of the event. This will allow them to plan ahead, whether it means leaving that hour open or planning to come into the office that day if you allow work from home privileges.

3. Leverage vendor loyalty

A lot of companies have a local restaurant that they turn to for lunch meetings and company events. It often pays off to use the same establishment for catered functions, as many restaurants offer discounts for loyal customers. You can also rest assured that the food is high quality and the service is reliable.

4. Choose a menu for everyone

Consider all types of diets and food preferences as you submit your order entry. Send out an email a few days before the event and ask if anyone has any food allergies. Have a vegetarian dish available so everyone's happy.

Employee Appreciation Speech Ideas

As a leader of your business, thanking and motivating employees personally through a quick speech at your company lunch can benefit morale. To make sure you're delivering an inspiring speech that's going to keep your team moving through even the biggest of challenges, make sure you cover these bases.

Lay out specific points ahead of time Chances are, you have a few specific points you want to get across during your speech. These may include providing a brief summary of the company's goals and noting certain benchmarks your team has met and how they've helped the business. Highlight these beforehand so you don't end up forgetting to mention something important. This will also help keep your speech short and sweet.

Emphasize success through real stories

A 2015 survey by Gallup showed that employees are 59 percent more likely to be engaged with their work when their leaders are. A passionate, engaged leader will take note of both individual successes and those made by the company as a whole. Show your enthusiasm and engagement by mentioning two or three specific stories where your team excelled and individual achievements were made by staff members. This will make it known that you recognize your business wouldn't be where it is without this commitment from its employees and that good work never goes unnoticed.

Make goals personal and specific

Talking about the potential you see in your company is a key point to make in your speech. However, it's not going to hit home for your audience unless you make it personal. Explain that you're excited about how specific products or projects are going to drive the company's success and how. Emphasizing your confidence will also show your staff the trust and faith you have in them. Explain that you have high expectations because you know you have a team that's talented enough to not only meet, but exceed them.

Show your team you love leading them

According to a 2015 survey by human resources consulting firm Mercer, only 53 percent of the 1,520 employees surveyed believed they would be at the same company in a year, not because they didn't like the job itself — 28 percent said they had considered applying for a similar role with a competitor — but because of poor leadership.

You're the one your employees are looking to for direction and motivation. After you've expressed clear goals for your team and recognized key players in the company's success, it helps to note how proud you are of your staff as a whole, the confidence you have in them and their abilities, and how excited you are to continue leading them.

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