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10 Company Gifts for Employees that Won't Disappoint

If you're trying to give your employees a reward for all their hard work over the course of the year or create an incentive program that encourages more engagement, corporate gifts are a great way to do so.

Even making the initial decision to shop for the right business gift for your employees opens a lot of doors and likely leads to a lot of questions. The biggest concern you're likely to encounter here is the need to balance how thoughtful and unique the gifts will be versus what they're actually going to cost. However, even on a relatively tight budget, there may be more options than you first suspect for making sure your employee gifts are received in the same spirit in which they are given.

What to Consider when Selecting Employee Gifts

Many companies only give out gifts at certain times of year, such as the holiday season. However, in addition to those classic holiday gifts, you may have any number of other reasons for giving branded corporate gifts to your employees. They could come as part of employee engagement or incentive programs, given out for someone's work anniversary, as a simple employee appreciation gift "just because."

You may also be wise to give the occasional present as a reward for good old-fashioned hard work.

However, no matter what occasions you choose to celebrate or milestones you want to reward, you need to make sure your gifts come across as thoughtful and memorable if you really want to boost your company culture.

It may be smart to make sure the gifts are something employees can keep around the house or the office for potentially years to come, and which will remind them of just how much you value their contributions to your business overall. That means simply giving every worker under your charge a gift card - which has a tangible value and will certainly be used, but may not have as much impact as you want - may not be a part of a truly great plan to make your employees feel a little more appreciated.

10 Great Company Gift Ideas

1. Something for the Office

You're already picking up the tab for everyday office supplies, and employees may not think of that expense very much. However, splurging a bit on truly impressive options - such as high-quality pens or customized desk calendars, notepads and so on - can make daily work feel a little more special. Giving everyone their own nameplate for display on their desks could also give them a feeling of a bit more importance, and help them understand just how valued they are.

2. Home Decor

Of course, employees will typically also enjoy gifts they can take away from the office and display or use to brighten up their homes instead. For instance, customizable glass vases or candles not only provide a little more decor in the home, but also serve as a constant reminder of an achievement the recipients worked hard for, a milestone anniversary with the company, or just that you appreciate the little things they do every day.

3. Take It On The Go

When people are going from their homes to the office to the kids' soccer practice to the grocery store and back home again, it's easy to forget one or two must-have items. If you give employees a branded or otherwise customized tote bag or handbag, you'll make it easier for them to stay on top of all their obligations, as well as give them something they can use happily in their everyday lives.

4. Holiday-Themed Items

Holiday items are obviously something many companies have a lot of experience in giving out, but you need to ask yourself if the gifts you've provided are as well-received as you'd like them to be. There are plenty of ways to give great corporate gifts around the holidays, but there are also some pitfalls to avoid. Thinking about factors like uniqueness and how useful they're going to be to employees for some time to come should help inform better purchasing decisions going forward.

5. Fun Diversions

Not every gift needs to be something people are going to give a lot of serious use in their everyday lives. Sometimes, they can just be for fun at home or around the office. Customizable mini-basketball hoops, for example, are a great way to put your corporate logo on something that will provide plenty of entertainment, whether they're used by your employees' kids as they imagine themselves in a playoff Game 7 overtime, or for your workers to get a little fun in if there's downtime at the office.

6. Bluetooth Speaker or Headphones

People have more ways than ever to enjoy music or podcasts, and giving them an additional option for taking their favorite listens on the go is a great idea. Whether they're listening to a new album on Bluetooth headphones while they get some work done around the office or bringing a speaker to further enhance a fun day at the beach, these are great gifts. Moreover, while they will have a high perceived value among your employees, the actual cost for your company can be relatively small.

7. Stress Relievers

Unfortunately, everybody will have to deal with some stress every once in a while, and companies have two options here. They can either accept that fact and let employees worry about various work or life situations on their own, or they can provide a little bit of help. A company-branded or personalized stress reliever can be kept on top of a desk or in a drawer, and will give any worker the chance to squeeze out a little frustration when it inevitably comes along.

8. Personalized Clothing

"Corporate swag" has been in fashion for decades, as companies have long enjoyed gifting their employees a t-shirt, fleece pullover or hat with the business's name or logo. However, that may not always feel like something that's particularly unique or special. With that in mind, you should take the extra step to personalize the gear you give out. That way, people know they're not just getting something you pulled out of a box of 200 identical shirts, but rather something that was made with them in mind. As long as you get the size right, this extra effort will be appreciated.

9. Something to Drink - and Drink From

Everyone loves a refreshing beverage, and you will have plenty of choices to gift your employees branded drinks to fit their preferences. For instance, a wine gift is often a winning option for many employees who like to unwind with a glass and some Netflix after work. And for those who need a little get-up-and-go every morning, a bag of coffee beans or grounds can go a long way toward expressing your gratitude for all their hard work.

Of course, if you're providing drinks, it's also important to provide a glass or mug. Here, too, you can brand or customize a number of different options, from tumblers to wine glasses, traditional coffee mugs to insulated to-go containers that keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours at a time.

10. Actual Awards

If you really want to recognize someone's hard work, what better way than with an actual customized award that's specific to their accomplishments? Giving such a gift in conjunction with one of the other items listed above - as well as with public recognition in the office - will truly help any employee feel highly valued and encourage both themselves and others to work even harder so that they can get that same feeling.

These can be as simple as a trophy or plaque, or as intricate as a carefully crafted glass award that looks great on any desk.

Giving Corporate Gifts the Right Way

When you're trying to make a decision on any of the above gifts - or the thousands of other options available from Successories - it's important to think about your employees. Odds are you have an intimate familiarity with their personalities, as well as many of their likes and dislikes. Even if you don't, there's probably someone in every department who does, and that's information you need to seek out to get the gift-giving exactly right.

For instance, if you have multiple people on the payroll who don't like coffee, and you gift them a bag of coffee beans and a new mug, they're not likely to feel like they're being recognized in the gift-giving process. While it's not always easy to please everybody at the same time, there are plenty of options that will create the desired effect of employee gift-giving.

It's also important not to try to cut too many corners when it comes to the expense. Even an outlay of a few hundred dollars may get you more than you expected, both in terms of the quality of the gifts you choose and the return provided by an option that every recipient really appreciates. Employees who feel appreciated in their everyday work are far more likely to be engaged, and engaged employees work harder and with more dedication - and are less likely to leave for other opportunities.

Put another way, giving the right employee gift not only improves your relationship with your employees, it improves your bottom line. With that in mind, it might be wise to see such purchases as investments in the future of your company as a whole, rather than a necessary cost of doing business.

Now that you have a little more information about what's going to come across as a true sign of your appreciation, it's time to start shopping for the perfect employee gifts that won't disappoint.