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How to Make Gifts for Secretaries More Meaningful

Because administrative professionals are such as integral part of a business, you're probably already thinking about great gifts for Administrative Professionals Day on the Wednesday of the last full week of April, this year on April 24, 2024. Administrative gift ideas are great to give throughout the year. They make the recipient feel special, they help alert the rest of your company to the great work the administrative professional does, and they help increase the reputation of and loyalty for your organization.

Administrative assistant gifts are more meaningful when you pay attention to how the recipient wants to be recognized and what types of gifts for secretaries they would really appreciate. By pairing Administrative Assistant Day gift ideas and concepts for throughout the year with specific feedback, the Secretary Day gifts become much more effective. Here are some tips that can help any gift-giving strategy:

Find Out How Recipients Want to Be Recognized

Not all recognition is created equal in how it is received. For some administrative professionals, being recognized with a large, flashy gift in front of a crowd could be intimidating. Others may crave a big show of public recognition. Try to make it a best practice to ask employees, including administrative professionals, how they prefer being recognized when they are hired. This allows you to cater to them better when you recognize them.

The type of administrative gift you give can also be more well-received than other types. Some administrative professionals may love getting artwork to brighten up their office. Others may appreciate a gift they can use to relax with at home, like a bath set or fleece blanket. Others may be grateful for stylish desk accessories or office supplies they can use throughout the year. Asking admins what types of gifts they'd love to get means you can show that you care and pay attention whenever you bestow a thoughtful gift.

Point Out Specific Contributions

Research by Gallup has shown that recognition is most effective when it is specific. There are several reasons why specific recognition makes it more meaningful:

  • You show you pay attention to details and appreciate every effort-filled action
  • You reinforce specific actions that make a difference to your organization
  • Specific recognition signals to other employees and people outside the company that you highly value employees and are willing to recognize work

While recognition is expected for things like gifts for Administrative Professionals Day, going beyond a gift and giving a reason why the person is deserving of it means the gift is not something you're giving simply because you feel obligated. Administrative professionals perform so many different duties in their roles. Acknowledging specific contributions shows that your company cares.

Add Verbal and Written Recognition to a Gift

Point out the specific way the admin professional has contributed by adding verbal and/or written recognition to the gift. In today's digital world, a handwritten card is an item that can be treasured for years to come. It helps to remind the employee what a considerate business you are, which reinforces your relationship with the employee and makes them speak highly of your business to others.

Depending on how the administrative professional prefers to be recognized, verbal recognition may be best given in one-on-one form or in front a group. Address the person by name, because hearing one's own name is proven to elicit positive feelings. State what the person did to be recognized, and then, explain the impact it had on your organization. Show gratitude by expressing thanks for the contribution. Emphasize that you are grateful for having the person work at your company, and that you look forward to future successes.

Administrative Assistants Gifts Ideas

There are many times when giving administrative assistants gifts is ideal. These include:

  • Weekly team meetings where admins are present
  • Annual company-wide celebrations
  • Life events the administrative professional is experiencing, like moving or a birth in the family
  • Spur-of-the-moment recognition, when an administrative professional has gone above and beyond in their job duties

Depending on the formality of the situation, a custom award trophy might be the perfect way to show appreciation. Or, if the administrative professional has recently worked on a challenging project, a fun stress reliever shows you care. It's a good idea to have some administrative gifts on hand to give out as soon as possible after a great contribution, since speedy recognition helps to reinforce the behavior.

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