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10 Nurses Appreciation Gift Ideas

There are more than 4 million professionally active nurses in the United States, and the difference they've made has no doubt affected everyone they have worked with. From birth to death, nurses are on the front lines of patient care. They deliver medical attention with empathy. The emotional support they provide is often just as vital as the physical. They help doctors perform critical procedures to keep patients safe and healthy. Nurses are unique professionals who make an immense impact with every action they take.

Giving appreciation gifts for nurses is a great way to show these valuable professionals how much of an effect they have throughout an organization and with patients. National Nurses Week, on May 6-12, 2018, is the perfect time to give nurse appreciation gifts. Kick off the celebration on May 6, National Nurses Day, by giving nurse week gifts to those working on this special day.

1. Nurses Appreciation Bluetooth Speaker & Stand

Bluetooth speakers make great nurse appreciation gifts because they're easily portable and allow nurses to enjoy their favorite music. They can be used at home or on shift breaks for music-filled relaxation. Choose from a variety of colors, with each one displaying a motivating message for nurses.

2. Nurse Thank you Cinch Backpack

These sporty tie backpacks give nurses a fun and stylish way to transport their belongings and make convenient purse alternatives, shoe bags, and more. Perfect for travel and everyday use, the "Thanks for being a nurse" message displayed on the bag serves as a badge of honor for the recipient.

3. Nurses Making a Difference 30oz Zuma Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is a crucial part of being able to perform a job well done. Give the nurses you work with a sleek and handy water bottle with a convenient handle and stay-put screw top. Each one comes with a "Nurses making a difference for others," message that reinforces the gratitude you have for your nursing staff.

4. Nurses Food Container

Durable food containers are useful gifts for busy nurses. There's plenty of room to pack lots of nutritious foods in these containers, with each one outfitted with a positive message geared specially for nurses. The containers are dishwasher-, microwave-, and freezer-safe, so nurses can use them on their shifts again and again.

5. Thanks Nurse Fleece Blanket

These comforting fleece blankets come in 14 different colors and are a dream to wrap oneself up in. Nurses deserve rest and contentment, and curling up with a blanket at home makes leisure time more enjoyable. Every time they see the "Thanks for being a nurse" message displayed on the blanket, the positive view they have of your organization will also be reinforced.

6. Nurses Making a Difference Tuscany Jr. Journal

Journals are beneficial Nurses Week gifts for so many reasons. Nurses can use a journal to take notes at work, jotting down details from meetings with coworkers or things to remember with patients. They're also beautiful tools for self-expression. Nurses will love using this luxurious journal in personal or professional settings, since the soft Italian vinyl material is gratifying to hold.

Thanks Nurse Leatherette Tumbler

Many nurses love coffee and other hot drinks, especially to stay fueled during long nights or shifts. These high-quality, BPA-free tumblers are sturdy, durable, and spill-free. The slide lock lid keeps drinks inside the tumbler, and you can choose from a variety of colors to match recipients' tastes.

8. Thanks Nurse Large Tote

Here's another bag option that is totally helpful for busy nurses who have a lot to juggle. Sturdy straps and plenty of item space allow nurses to carry whatever they need to and from work, or wherever they go outside of your organization. Each bag says, "Thanks for being a nurse," so nurses can proudly display their profession wherever they are.

9. Nurses Making a Difference Folding Phone & Tablet Stand

Technology is a big part of healthcare these days, and a phone and tablet stand comes in handy for nurses. This practical nurses' gift allows nurses who use a tablet or mobile for work to more easily see what they're doing, and work on another material as the tablet or mobile stands up. Outside of work, the positive message for nurses that is displayed on the stand reinforces positive feelings for the profession

10. Nurses Exercise Duffle

Nurses know the importance of staying healthy with regular exercise. An exercise duffle is a welcome gift for nurses who care about their own health. These fashionable bags come with several pockets and can carry a yoga mat and water bottles. Wherever they go to exercise, nurses can show off their passion for their job with the "Nurses touch hearts, heal lives" message displayed on the bag.

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