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Attitude is Everything

Customer Favorite Attitude is Everything

Updated Sunday 01-19-2020
Attitude Is Everything Inspirational Art
starstarstarstarstar from Andie of Buffalo, NY

Attitude Is Everything Inspirational Art

Absolutely true!
A co-worker took a picture of it and send it to her daughter as a reminder that attitude does influences others negativity or postivitiy. I wanted my client to remember, bad attitude gets no one anywhere closer to their goals, especially when it come to job hunting and searching for the right job.

Attitude is Everything Medallion Challenge Coin
starstarstarstarstar from Jack Shelton of Fort Myers, FL

Attitude is Everything Medallion Challenge Coin

I have bought this product for years.
Before I retired each person in a management position received one with the understanding that "Attitude is Everything" when managing your job and those you manage. I always thought it had a positive impact in my and their decisions. I have also given them out to people I have met who had a good attitude.

Attitude is Everything Swig 16oz Bottle
starstarstarstarstar from BA of Boston

Attitude is Everything Swig 16oz Bottle

Outstanding Customer Experience
I purchased this item for one of my employees as a gift and opportunity to provide some additional motivation. My employee was really excited to receive this, loved the message on the bottle and actually took photos of it and sent it to family members and other employees to show what they got. The service from Successories was awesome and the product made a huge impact on my employee. I highly recommend this to any executive who wants to put a bounce in the step of one of their employees.