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5 Ideas to Inspire Your Faculty and Staff

Short inspirational books, videos, posters, and motivational themes for schools.
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By incorporating works into staff meetings, you can lead a more motivated, engaged, and productive team. By emphasizing incremental progress, clear and inspiring leadership, and a positive, proactive approach, staff meetings can become a powerful tool for driving organizational success and employee satisfaction. These strategies align seamlessly with the ethos of employee recognition and achievement, further enhancing the workplace culture and team dynamics.

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Encourage more effort, kindness, and attention all school year long with these quick, inspiring tools.

"I don’t believe that our students’ high achievement would be possible without our journey through your books. Your work inspires us to work harder, smarter, and happier. Now we are all trying to make good things happen for other people every day."

- J.R. Ankenbruck, Principal at Washington Elementary School

"I am going to be using [your material] to open a student-math conference as well as staff in-service opportunities. I am excited to see my people become inspired and strive for self-improvement. Thank you for your product and the impact it is going to have on my students and staff!"

-Bengie Laning, Charter School Principal

12 Degrees Motivational Meeting Items for the School Environment

212° the extra degree

Inspire Power, Extra Effort, & Care

This is the original bestselling 212 (two-twelve) book and message by Sam Parker that's inspiring millions of people around the world.

The premise: "At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils. And with boiling water, comes steam. And with steam, you can power a train. Just one extra degree makes all the difference."

If the bulletin board in your school doesn't inspire team members to up their game and embrace their personal power when teaching, then it is time to update your bulletin boards with a message and ideas to help your teachers take charge of their classrooms.

Reinforce your school theme with books, mugs, and more gear.

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"As a first-year principal, I started with an engrained culture that needed to be changed. I found InspireYourPeople.com and knew the tools could support a unifying message to drive the change I wanted for my school. After using 212° the extra degree for three years and with less money than ever, we had the highest reading results in the area, highest math gains overall over 3 years, and this past year, showed the most significant SOL score improvements."

-Middle school principal

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Smile & Move Meeting Materials for Teachers to Provide a Better Service to Children and their Parents

Smile & Move

Encourage School Spirit, Better Attitudes, & Service

Imagine the wonderful results from a team of Smovers (people who Smile & Move). Teachers who become Smovers motivate their students and make every week in school feel like the first week back to school, where anything is possible. Being a great teacher is more than presenting a unique theme with bright colors in the classroom. It's about truly connecting with students and colleagues.

5 ways to Smile: Wake up. Be thankful. Be approachable. Complain less. Smile more.

4 ways to Move: Start early and go long. Go beyond expectations. Have a sense of urgency. Be resourceful and resilient.

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"We have used Smile & Move for the last two years as part of our meeting protocol. It has made a tremendous difference. Our Smovers are becoming the best at their craft because of the book. It is quick and easy ... and every teacher has a copy of the poster in his/her class."

-Dr. Sandra C. DeShazier, Principal, Renaissance Elementary School

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Lead Simply - Leadership Meeting Tools for Teacher Motivation

Lead Simply

Create better leaders

Model. Connect. Involve.™ Model the behavior you want to see. Connect with the people you lead. Involve them as much as possible.

That's your framework for leadership ... your simple, day-to-day, in-the-trenches formula for creating a special team of people.

Think of each individual teacher's classroom as having different cultures. Acknowledge that everyone likes to do things differently. Then, show how becoming a more unified front with a combined school theme can make the curriculum more fun and engaging. Create an education environment where teachers model, connect, and involve.

Reinforce your school theme message with books, mugs, and more gear.

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"As educators we are inundated with buzz words, initiatives, mandates, and all sorts of other "stuff." What is most significant about InspireYourPeople.com material is the ability to make simple connections that stick and are readily embraced by all stakeholders."

-Mark Schultz, High School Principal

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Cross The Line materials for faculty engagement and commitment

Cross The Line

Inspire Faculty Commitment & Resilience

The premise: "With everything, there's a line. On one side of the line is a greater chance to make good things happen (better results, better relationships, more opportunities). On the other side of the line, there's less of a chance. It's your choice which side you want to be on."

Cultivate an environment where teachers recognize their commitment to the team, where they understand that the problems of last year are in the past, and that it is the responsibility of each teacher to bounce back from hardships of the past.

4 points to Crossing The Line: Choose to Commit. Work Hard. Focus. Bounce Back.

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"We started this year with Cross The Line ... [we had] teachers, 20-25 year veterans, say that it was the best first day of school that they ever had."

-Becky Smith, Assistant Principal, Rockcastle County High School

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Love Your People Team Building Meeting Materials

Love Your People

Cultivate trust & accountability

No kittens or rainbows. Just truth.

Inspire your people to be kinder and more accountable to each other and the people they serve.

The art of teaching is tough, and success comes from recognizing that teachers need to be the best versions of themselves at all times when guiding children with lessons. In order to do that, teachers also need to feel supported by school leadership. Be open to talk truthfully, discuss new ideas, and truly love your people.

8 points to Loving Your People: Contribute. Be kind. Be patient. Be honest. Encourage people. Apologize. Forgive. Thank people.

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"We’re just a small team in a small district way out in the sticks trying to make a difference in the lives of our kids. The Love Your People mission is just the thing we need out here."

-Shelley Langston, Executive Director Learning Support Services at Sequim School District

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How to Use Motivating Books & Videos

• Use the books, videos, and packages as your school theme

• Hand out books to your staff to read over spring or summer break

• Show a video to open or close your next staff meeting

• Ramp up new staff by having them read/ watch and discuss a book/ video

• Show a video at a school kick-off event (pizza party?) to set the tone for the year

• Make books available for staff to read as a professional development opportunity

• Give books/ videos to your sports coaches as a motivational tool for their athletes

• Use the books/ videos to enhance your teacher-leader program

• Hand out the books/ show the videos as a mid-year teacher pick-me-up

• Give out the books to faculty and staff as a Christmas gift

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Encourage Engagement with Supporting Products

• Hang on a bulletin board or stand a banner in a hallway

• Stock up your school break room cupboard with our motivating mugs

• Put our inspiring mouse pads in computer rooms or classrooms

• Provide faculty with thank-you cards to help create a culture of gratitude

• Keep a stack of notepads and pens in the supply closet for staff to use

• Hang a poster in every classroom

• Hand out wristbands to faculty, staff, and students as a reinforcement tool after showing one of our PowerPoint® presentations

• Give out water bottles as a reward to high-performing faculty or students

• Tape a pocket card to every student's lockers on the first day of school

• Tack 5" x 7" prints on your bulletin boards

• Have Sam Parker speak at an all-district event

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