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Birthday Gifts

Birthdays are an important part of everyone's life. This article will provide suggestions on how to celebrate this special employee day at work, build a culture of caring, and gain increased productivity and a higher rate of retention. Once a year, employees in your company offer you a way to make them feel appreciated. It's their birthday - that special day when the whole world celebrates with a heartfelt "Happy Birthday," presents, candles and cake, and the Birthday Song. What better opportunity for a company to play a significant role in making the birthday person glad he or she works there. And, when workers are happy, productivity increases and retention remains strong.

Birthday Gifts

Best Birthday Celebration Practices

So, what should you consider when planning a B-Day celebration at work? Give the employee careful thought. Is this person a sports fan, does he/she like the movies, is fashion an interest? Gift ideas and party themes will spring from this thoughtful reflection. But, make sure your plans are work appropriate. Set a celebration time and place that doesn't interfere with work schedules, and then send out a division or company-wide email announcement. Lunch break in a conference room is the perfect time and place. Cake and candles at the end of the day work, too. Of course, after-work celebrations or drinks outside of the workplace can be lots of fun. Remember: Order the cake, food, drinks and gifts in advance. Be sure the name on the card or cake is spelled correctly.

And, how do you handle the employees who don't want their birthday celebrated or even announced? Ask if they would accept a private card or gift from management on their special day. They may surprise you with a "yes." Either way, HR has the birth dates of everyone, so you won't leave anyone out.

Birthdays Don't Have to Break the Bank

All of this celebration business sounds expensive, but it doesn't have to be. As the boss or department head, you can always drop off a card in the mailroom. Or, step it up a bit and treat the birthday person to lunch. It's a great way to show appreciation, and get in some quality bonding with your workers. (Anyone else who wants to join is welcome, as long as they pay their way.) Got a bunch of birthdays in one month? Have a set monthly celebration day (perhaps, the second Friday) designated to celebrate everyone born that month. It not only saves money; it can actually be a greater morale booster than a single person celebration.

The Right Gifts Make All the Difference

Sports tickets, movie cards, restaurant and retail gift cards, or an afternoon off are all great gifts. But, you might want to consider some that are more closely tied to your company culture, with a more lasting effect on employee productivity and retention. Slogan-ed Desk Planters can grow for months, on a sunny desk or home windowsill. Motivational books like a Power of Attitude or Golf Quotes can empower throughout the year. Personalized Pen Sets and Photo Desk Clocks (are gifts that can actually increase productivity at work. Or, you may want to spend a few more dollars and give best wishes from everybody with a Framed Signature Motivational Poster. It's perfect for workspace or cubicle display, and year-round culture reinforcement.

Care, Recognize, Celebrate

So let "Happy Birthday" ring out through the halls of your workplace. Take the time to recognize this special employee day, become an active participant, and promote a company culture of caring. You'll enjoy productivity and retention benefits, and maybe even a second piece of cake!

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Customer Favorite Birthday Gifts

Updated Sunday 06-16-2024
Making a Difference Jelly Bean Candy Tube
from Outdoor enthusiast of Charlotte, NC

Making a Difference Jelly Bean Candy Tube

Loved the ''Making a difference' Jelly Bean Candy tube
Very cute packaging, used it in a combination with other items to create a 'Thank you' package for a group of employees.

Gratitude Greeting Card Box
from Sunny of Port Perry

Gratitude Greeting Card Box

Happy with my purchase
For the price, it's cheaper than the dollar store. Although I was not planning on sending one a week, I like that they are sold in packs of 52 to give that option. They are simple and fresh.

Leadership Wolves Stress Reliever
from RoD of New Jersey

Leadership Wolves Stress Reliever

Leaders can be small but Howl very loud!
Also sent this to my neice who is a 3 sport athlete entering High School.
She has great athletic talent and loves our (Real Rescued Husky) so she loves the gift and placed it in a prominent place on her desk and sent a picture along with the Excellence Eagle motivational plaque.
She is shy but has all the qualities of a great team leader, teamwork, skill & unselfish.
This is a great little reminder to strive to lead!