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Attitude Lightning

Customer Favorite Attitude Lightning

Updated Tuesday 10-20-2020
Attitude Lightning Desk Clock
starstarstarstarstar from Carol of Undisclosed

Attitude Lightning Desk Clock

I have purchased these clocks in the past.
These will be used for awards for the staff person from each floor/unit/location that was outstanding for 2018. Our Annual Staff Awards Breakfast is next Friday and these are the Unit Distinguished Service awards. I was pleased when I opened one of the clocks to find that they included the batteries and had been pre-set with the correct time. This was not the case last year, we had to install the batteries (not included) and set the clocks.

Attitude Lightning Notepads
starstarstarstarstar from Sandy of Rome, New York

Attitude Lightning Notepads

Absolutely inspiring!!
The posters are being used to motivate not only myself but the staff and students who enter my office!

Attitude Lightning Award Certificate Paper
starstarstarstarstar from Ann the Trainer of Twin Falls, Idaho

Attitude Lightning Award Certificate Paper

Wonderful example of service.
To recognize employees with years of service.