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Cross The Line©

An Inspiring Message To Engage Your Team

It’s called Cross The Line.

4 simple points to help you encourage deeper commitment and better results.

Quick to share. Motivating.

Used by thousands of leaders in every industry - profit and non-profit.

It can be shared by giving out the bestselling book (short, 20 minutes to read) or by showing the inspiring 4-minute video. It's the perfect message for any meeting or team.


It’s an inspiring 4-minute video to help you share the message.


It starts with this idea...

With everything, there's a line.

On one side of the line is a greater chance to make good things happen (better results, better relationships, more opportunities). This is where you’ll find all those people you admire. On the other side of the line, there’s less of a chance.

And with each line, you have a choice.

You want to cross the line or you don’t. You want that better chance at making good things happen (meaningful things) or you settle with the lesser chance.

Your choice.

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Updated Sunday 07-14-2024
Cross the Line Notecube
from Dave of Undisclosed

Cross the Line Notecube

Fun way to leave a note.
Very attractive sitting on your desk. Everyone likes to pick it up, read it, and say how "cool" it is.

Cross The Line Meeting Package
from Dave of Raleigh, NC

Cross The Line Meeting Package

Looking Forward to Crossing the Line!
As an organizational development coordinator, I purchased the Cross the Line meeting package from Successories for an upcoming team retreat. I've always been a huge fan of the products at InspireYourPeople and have used several of their messages and meeting packages for team building and training over the course of my career. They are simple, yet highly effective messages that resonate with people. Looking forward to Crossing the Line at our upcoming team retreat! #sweepstakes

Cross The Line Book
from Russell Elder of CEDAR PARK, TX

Cross The Line Book

Great Insight in making choices
Cross the Line was a great read on how to make good choices that will lead to success in many areas of my life. Each chapter had key tips, in quick reads on old concepts that I needed refreshing and new concepts that will be implemented in my daily life.

Cross The Line excerpts

(excerpt from the book Cross The Line, pages 2 - 3)

The Things That get in The Way

It seems simple but…

Then there’ll be those times… those times when in the short run it’ll seem like you can’t cross the line no matter what you do.

And those misses (those hurdles, those challenges) in the short run will sometimes help you over the line in the long run … in a way you couldn’t have seen. They’ll serve as lessons … giving you more depth to your experience… making you stronger and better prepared for the bigger and more important challenges you’ll face in the future.

But you might not know that at the time.

At the time, you’ll just see that line. And it might seem like a wall, but it really is just a line … a line you want to cross.

And it’s yours to cross, but you’ve got to decide (make that choice).

It seems simple but…

Then there’ll be those people… those people who’ve decided they’d rather not cross the line and they’d like it if you didn’t either. (And, unfortunately, sometimes those people might be your friends.)

Maybe they’ll sprinkle in a little doubt or withhold a little encouragement at just the right time … or even encourage you to do the wrong thing. Maybe they’ll be a little less subtle about it and just step directly in your way.

And every once in a while, there’ll be you … you with that inner voice that’ll try to tell you you’re not that special and that making something exceptional happen is for other people. (What are you thinking?)

Then there’ll be the work… the real challenge that some of us never face because of those times, those people, or that inner voice that keeps us from putting in the effort and bouncing back when things get tough.

But there’s the line.
And it needs to be crossed.
And you can cross it.
It’s up to you.

Which side will you choose?

How To Cross the Line

(excerpt from the book Cross The Line, pages 8 - 14)


Make that choice to improve your chances to go beyond mediocrity. Approach the things you do with the intent to deliver, succeed, and serve.


Good things are rarely easy (cheap). Real effort and attention are the fundamentals behind everything. There are no quick fixes or silver bullets. Earn your results and push yourself more often than not. That’s how you create something special. And, that’s what you want.

03. FOCUS.

Eliminate distractions. Minimize your exposure to negative people, thoughts, and things that don’t serve your intent to succeed. Time moves quickly and you can’t get it back. Take good care of it. (You heard that, right?)


Embrace your challenges. Learn from your mistakes and those of others. Remember your choice to cross the line and make good things happen for yourself and the people around you.

Not always easy… but simple.


Engage & Obligate

(excerpt from the book Cross The Line, pages 16 - 18)

What if… John and Abigail Adams had been more concerned with themselves and work/life balance than creating a democracy?

What if…Abraham Lincoln had quit trying after his business failed … or after losing his first local legislative race … or after losing a congressional race and two senatorial races?

What if…Martin Luther King didn’t have a dream and played it safe (and didn’t travel over 6 million miles giving more than 2500 speeches)? What if he thought he was too young to have an impact (everything he did was in a life of only 39 years)?

What if… Gandhi, Tubman, Mother Teresa, Roosevelt (Teddy, Eleanor, and Franklin), Ford, the Wright brothers, Disney, Gates, Winfrey, Mandela, and Jobs hadn’t stepped up and worked hard? (What if the thousands of people who supported them hadn’t?)

What if… our military, firefighters, and law enforcement didn’t? Our parents? Our teachers?

What if… no one pushed it … risked it … and pushed it again (and again)?

Minimize passivity. Be a part of the obligated. (And stay there.)

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How to Be Resilient

(excerpt from the book Cross The Line, pages 42 - 44)

resilient: (adjective) capable of bouncing back from or adjusting to challenges and change

We all fail from time to time (our doing, someone else’s doing, something else’s doing, a combination of each). If we’re not failing, we’re not pushing it.

To be more resilient...

1. Focus on results. Embrace the fact that results are what we’re all really after. Effort and attempts are great first steps, but we need to commit to delivering (just like we want people to do for us).

2. Make lessons of failures. Minimize the tendency to make a failure or mistake anything more than a lesson on how not to do something. We need to learn from our experiences and accept them as tuition for future success. Our mistakes might put us in a bind at times and have some uncomfortable consequences, but that’s real life.

3. Continue on. Smarter.

4. Reinforce. Support each other (and ourselves) by continually reminding and encouraging one another to deliver on the first three points.

Be careful not to dismiss that fourth point. It’s what makes each of the first three points work.

Stay with how you can ... rather than indulging in why you can't.