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Buzz Aldrin Picture

Buzz Aldrin  Motivational Posters
"On Sunday July 20, 1969, as the Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 11, he became one of the first humans to set foot on another world. As he gazed upon the unusual majesty of the moon in its starkness and monochromatic hues, he comprehended a beauty never before seen. He called it; "magnificent desolation". He said that every step on the moon was a virginal experience. Exploring a place that had never before been seen by human eyes, upon which no foot had stepped, or hand touched, was awe-inspiring.He started as a West Point cadet and went on to become an Air Force fighter pilot meriting the Distinguished Flying Cross medal for uncommon bravery and skill during 66 combat missions. He then earned his Doctorate at MIT which focused on docking techniques that are still in use today, securing for himself the nickname: Dr. Rendezvous.For those few glorious hours that he walked on the moon, he united humankind in a way never before experienced. 'They came in peace for all mankind' were the words etched on the plaque left behind. As one of the greatest explorers of all time and in his ongoing work for the advance of humanity, Buzz Aldrin never ceases to...Inspire" This stunning photograph can be used on all our award and recognition products such as our stunning plaques, award acrylics and framed art. After you've chosen what award and recognition product you'd like to use this stunning image on, you'll be able to personalize and customize it with ease.