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Jim Abbott Picture

Jim Abbott Motivational Posters
"He was a boy who dreamed of becoming a great major league pitcher. He had natural ability, drive and ambition. To achieve his goal, he practiced day and night for years and even developed a distinctive technique to match his singular situation. Namely, he was born without a right hand. But he never saw himself as handicapped. Neither did his family or friends. He viewed himself as blessed in his life, with more given to him than was ever taken away. That was his focus. He never allowed the circumstance of his life to become an excuse for not becoming all he could be.Among many awards and honors, he earned the Golden Spikes Award, the Sullivan Award, and the Jesse Owens award. He carried the American Flag at the Pan-American Games, pitched a complete game to defeat Japan for the gold medal in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, and in 1993 pitched a no-hitter as a New York Yankee.Since retiring from sports he has continued to touch countless people as motivational speaker and promoter of governmental initiatives for the disabled. For his uncommon grace whether on the mound or in front of a group of people eager to hear his meaningful words, Jim Abbott continues to...Inspire." This stunning photograph can be used on all our award and recognition products such as our stunning plaques, award acrylics and framed art. After you've chosen what award and recognition product you'd like to use this stunning image on, you'll be able to personalize and customize it with ease.