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Starting Them Up™ Hardcover Book (781095)

Starting Them Up™ Hardcover Book

Starting Them Up™ Hardcover Book
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SKU: 781095

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Timely, Under-the-Hood Insights for Entrepreneurs by a Serial Starter and a Bunch of his Entrepreneurial Friends Warren Struhl, founder of Popcorn, Indiana and a dozen more, with Jim Jerome.

Warren Struhl, a successful serial entrepreneur who started his first business at age twenty-five and sold it in 1993 to a Fortune 500 firm for $120 million dollars, candid, practical, inspiring, humorous and outrageous war stories and wisdom from the trenches of start-up entrepreneurship.

Using the businesses he's started, invested in or advised as fodder, Starting Them Up provides timely, under-the-hood insights for entrepreneurs and anyone interested in business.

Featuring contributions from Jesse Itzler (Marquis Jet), Bob Diener (, Jeff Rubin (It'Sugar), Sara Blakely (Spanx), Richard Forman (, Mitch Rothschild ( and Jeff Levine (Salad Creations), among others.

Price: $19.95  $3.99

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