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Starting Them Up™ Hardcover Book (781095)

Starting Them Up™ Hardcover Book

Starting Them Up™ Hardcover Book
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Timely, Under-the-Hood Insights for Entrepreneurs by a Serial Starter and a Bunch of his Entrepreneurial Friends Warren Struhl, founder of Popcorn, Indiana and a dozen more, with Jim Jerome.

Warren Struhl, a successful serial entrepreneur who started his first business at age twenty-five and sold it in 1993 to a Fortune 500 firm for $120 million dollars, candid, practical, inspiring, humorous and outrageous war stories and wisdom from the trenches of start-up entrepreneurship.

Using the businesses he's started, invested in or advised as fodder, Starting Them Up provides timely, under-the-hood insights for entrepreneurs and anyone interested in business.

Featuring contributions from Jesse Itzler (Marquis Jet), Bob Diener (Hotels.com), Jeff Rubin (It'Sugar), Sara Blakely (Spanx), Richard Forman (Register.com), Mitch Rothschild (Vitals.com) and Jeff Levine (Salad Creations), among others.

Price: $19.95  $3.99

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