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Birthday Cards

Our variety of business birthday cards let you share personal, inspiring messages with employees, customers and clients on their special day. Employee birthday cards are a cost effective recognition tool and easy to implement. These professional birthday cards make sure you aren't empty handed.

Customer Favorite Birthday Cards

Updated Wednesday 10-17-2018
Happy Birthday Sunshine Greeting Cards
from Jeri the HR Assistant of Great Falls, MT

Happy Birthday Sunshine Greeting Cards

This is a wonderful product!
We give our employees a birthday card every year. There has always been a great assortment to choose from. Great Job!

Happy Birthday Hat Greeting Cards
from Director of Hospitality of Nashville, TN

Happy Birthday Hat Greeting Cards

Perfect Birthday Card!
These cards are perfect to handout to office employees in celebration of their Birthdays. A simple card can put a big smile on someone's face. Would definitely recommend these bright and cheerful cards to all!

Corporate Birthday Cards

Think of corporate birthday cards as an annual opportunity to connect with your customer as you express well-received birthday wishes to those who contribute to your business. Corporate birthday cards should be an indispensable tool in your bag of marketing tricks. Every client and vendor will be impressed that you remembered, and business birthday cards help keep your company top-of-mind.

Acknowledging the birthdays of your customers is simply an essential part of any customer relationship model. The overall goal being to nurture and retain the relationships the company already has and entice former clients back into the fold. This, in effect, reduces the cost of customer acquisition.

Employee Birthday Cards

Recognizing your employee's birthdays is another way to use corporate birthday cards and is essential in establishing a collegian company culture. If the corporate culture is positive, corporate goals such as great customer service, building a great long-term brand, and having passionate employees will all come about organically.