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With their universally powerful messages, unique graphics and inspiring images, our books are motivational masterpieces that make great gifts. Now you can personalize gift books! Many of our books allow for personalized covers and first pages! For more information on how you can personalize our books please call 1-800-535-2773.
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Customer Favorite Books

Updated Wednesday 11-22-2017
212 Degrees The Extra Degree Book
Rating: rating | Reviewer: Lorilevemir of Minneapolis, MN

212 Degrees The Extra Degree Book

Team Builder
Used as a take away from my first meeting for my new team. It was a good way to level set expectations of what our team performance should aspire to.

Essence of Leadership Gift Book
Rating: rating | Reviewer: Angela of Charles Town, WV

Essence of Leadership Gift Book

Great book!
I purchased for managers in leadership as a recogntion of their achievements

To A Child Love Is Spelled T-I-M-E Gift Book
Rating: | Reviewer: Mel of Charleston, SC

To A Child Love Is Spelled T-I-M-E Gift Book

Must have, if you have a child
Rereading allows one to take a different message each time. This is exceptional if you are a parent, or parent to be. This is a must have/must read! It is well written and provides an opportunity for tremendous personal growth. It reminds one of what is important in life!

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