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Employee Recognition Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Employee Recognition Important?

Employee Recognition increases employee engagement and retention which then increases productivity. Employees who are engaged and invested in their work produce better results and are more likely to withstand temptation to leave. Organizations that implement employee awards see up to an 87% increase in retention. Managers who recognize employees can see increase engagement levels by 60% can see a 20% increase in productivity and with 2x the quality of service and sales.

  • Creates a Positive working environment that encourages employees to thrive
  • Contributes to higher employee morale and increases organizational productivity
  • Reinforces enthusiasm, commitment, and social conscience of employees

What Effect Does Recognition Have on Employees?

Employees who receive formal recognition awards have a sense of pride in their work and is a value add to their paycheck in a positive work environment that fosters open communication of appreciation.

  • 39% of Employees are more productive
  • 59% of Employee have a sense of increased motivation
  • 73% of Employees report increased positive morale.

How Does Employee Recognition Effect Retention?

According to Salary.com, of the top 5 reasons employees cite for why they are leaving a company, over 33% of exiting employees cited "No Recognition" as to why they are leaving their job. This is 2x greater than an all other benefits combined and second to Inadequate Compensation and No Opportunity for Advancement.

How to Create an Employee Recognition Program?

Establish how performance is to be measured by figuring out for your goals what constitutes a reasonable target that balances the requirement for improved performance with attainment. The rules and measures should be understandable and easily produced and verified. You will need a degree of flexibility should circumstances arise that weren't foreseen or warrant a change.

  1. Define the Program's Scope and Direction
  2. Develop a Budget
  3. Establish Program Guidelines
  4. Communicate the Program
  5. Present the Awards

How to Budget Employee Awards?

The 5 things to consider when developing a budget for the program:

  1. Internal Administrative Costs
  2. Employee Award Trophy Costs
  3. Number of Recipients
  4. Shipping Costs to your Location or Direct to Recipients
  5. Ancillary Event Costs such as Food Expenses

What Award Products Do Employee Consider the Best for Recognition?

Successories surveyed 100s of organizations and found that although pins, certificates and plaques may be budget friendly for organization, Employees greatly prefer to be recognized with trophies.

  1. 52% Trophy Awards
  2. 16% Money
  3. 13% Plaques
  4. 12% Certificates
  5. 7% Medals & Pins
1-9 Years of Service Acrylic Award
Star Dais Crystal Award
Exceptional Superstar Acrylic Award
Crest Reflection Crystal Award
Leadership Curved Glass Award
Summit Reflection Crystal Award
Blue Diamond Reflection Acrylic Award
Star Performance Acrylic Award
Flame Glass Award
Spectrum Art Glass Award
10-19 Years of Service Acrylic Award
True Leader Eagle Award
How to do Employee Rewards Whitepaper 69% of employees say they would work harder if they were better recognized.

Customer Favorite Recognition Awards

Updated Sunday 01-23-2022
Octavia Tree Service Award
starstarstarstarstar from Myra the admin asst. of Baton Rouge, LA

Octavia Tree Service Award

This is our Employee of the Year Award
The Octavia Tree Service Award is used as our Employee of the Year award. Our employees really appreciate receiving this award and love displaying it in their office. We have looked other places to find something we like and have not found anything as appropriate as this award is. This award is sleek and just the right size.

Silver Diamond Reflection Acrylic Award
starstarstarstarstar from Amanda Brunish of HARRISBURG, PA

Silver Diamond Reflection Acrylic Award

Always Wows our Winners
This is my second year buying these pieces for our annual award winners at my company. Everyone is always impressed by the quality and think they were very expensive. I have placed three orders through this company, including customized trophies, and they have been very easy to work with and the results have always turned out great!

Silver Reflection Acrylic Award
starstarstarstarstar from Sherene of Boston, MA

Silver Reflection Acrylic Award

Gorgeous Product--no complaints
I ordered five of these awards to give out at a school awards gala. They were the perfect size, even better quality than I expected, and I have no complaints. The final product was gorgeous.

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