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Aluminum Clocks

Customer Favorite Aluminum Clocks

Updated Tuesday 03-26-2019
Achievement Tree Desk Clock
from Jay Heart of Frankfort, KY

Achievement Tree Desk Clock

Marked Improvement
The product was good. The picture and quote are appropriate and inspiring. The engraving plate appears to be plastic or some similar material whereas in the past it was metal. I like this clock, but don't understand why the one I ordered last year was discontinued.

Essence of Success Desk Clock
from Julie of Denver, CO

Essence of Success Desk Clock

The only drawback I had was that the plaque wasn't as pictured when I approved it. The first line was bold and I didn't realize that. I had to have it redone. Luckily, the 100% satisfaction guarantee worked and I have a revised plaque and perfect gift.

Teamwork Rowers Desk Clock
from Happy Bahia of Hemet, CA

Teamwork Rowers Desk Clock

Quality and Best Value for Your Money!
Very impressive that you ask for a date when needed.I have received every product way ahead of time and I am most grateful.Continued "Success" for the upcoming years to come!