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National February Holidays 2024

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February 2024 Calendar of Fun Workplace Holidays

February 2024 Holidays for the Workplace

Find out if it will be a long winter on Ground Hog's Day February 2nd. Then celebrate the Chinese New Year with your spirit animal.

Send a Card Day is Feb. 7, and provides the perfect opportunity early in the month to send business greeting cards- perhaps with another goodie enclosed - to top workers, or everybody, just to let them know they're appreciated.

Later in the month, No-Brainer Day is being celebrated on Feb. 27, and it's certainly a no-brainer for executives to celebrate the people who show up and work hard every day.

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Notable February Monthly Holidays

Aside from February being the shortest month, here are the most common month long observances in February:

  • National Grapefruit Month
  • Black History Month
  • American Heart Month

February Weekly Holidays

There are so many holidays in February, some span an entire week! Let's take a look at some of the most celebrated February weekly holidays:

  • Children's Authors and Illustrators Week
  • Congenital Hear Defects Awareness Week
  • International Flirting Week
  • Freelance Writers Appreciation Week
  • Random Acts of Kindness Week
  • Jell-O Week

Other February Holidays

National Dark Chocolate Day

February 1st serves as national dark chocolate day, in which millions of Americans pay homage to this "healthier" semi-sweet chocolate treat.

National Carrot Cake Day

It seems February is full of days celebrating delicious dessert treats. February 3rd is no exception, as Americans recognize a delightfully sweet and nutritious carrot cake. While its origins are unknown, the earliest carrot cake recipe dates back to 1827, and has always been a popular treat.

National Homemade Soup Day

Since before modern transportation made food easy to acquire, families resorted to various soup recipes which made great use of leftover meals. This inexpensive and creative cuisine is now celebrated on February 4th, each year!

Valentine's Day

As weird as it may seem, Valentine's Day did not originate as a day of celebrating love, but served as a remembrance day for the slain St. Valentini martyrs in the 3rd century AD. It wasn't until Geoffrey Chaucer wrote about the mating of English birds around "Volantynys day" in the "Parlement of Foules" nearly 1000 years later. Educated Europeans of the time chose to send love letters to each other symbolizing the love birds, and Valentine's Day became what we celebrate to this day.

February is a Month Full of Holidays and wacky activities. Which will You Celebrate from the list below?

  • National Freedom Day
  • National Weatherperson's Day
  • Make a Friend Day
  • National Inventors Day
  • National Baked Alaska Day
  • National Tortilla Chip Day
  • National Chocolate Mint Day
  • Tell a Fairy Tale Day
  • National Tater Tot Day
  • National Pizza Day
  • National Battery Day
  • World Radio Day
  • National Muffin Day
  • National Almond Day
  • National Frozen Yogurt Day
  • National Sticky Bun Day
  • National Kite Flying Day
  • National Walking the Dog Day
  • Don't Cry over Spilled Milk Day
  • National Caregivers Day
  • National Wear Red Day

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