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Virtual Employee Awards Inforgraphic

Virtual Employee Awards Infographic

8 Keys to Hosting a Successful Virtual Awards Ceremony

When your team reaches its sales goal for the year or performs in the clutch when the pressure is on, you may recognize them for their hard-earned efforts with an award, done on the spot, or perhaps at a year-end ceremony. But due to the shutdown caused by COVID-19, your annyal gala may be done electronically this year. Not to worry. Here are a few ways to make your virtual awards ceremony worthy of its own recognition:

1. Simple & Reliable

Choose a simple and reliable virtual conferenceing tool that everyone is comfortable with using.

2. Well In Adance

Send out inventations well in advance of the event and request that potential gusts RSVP.

3. Know What to Expect

Describe what the ceremony will include so participants know what to expect.

4. Dress for Success

Urge attendees to dress the same way they would at an in-person ceremony - Formal Attire.

5. Announce the Winners

Consider informing award winners prior to the annoucement so they can plan an acceptance speech.

6. Keep it Brief

Keep the award ceremony brief so participants remain actively engaged.

7. Virtual Backgrounds

Have guests use a Themed Background to add to the fastivity's visual ambiance.

8. Personalized Gifts

Simplify distrbution of award with a universal keepsake, such as an inscribed win glass.

From engraved plaques to glass awards, Successories has the capabilities to make employee recognition you send to your award winners truly special. Contact us today.

Blue Diamond Reflection Acrylic Award
Augusta Art Glass Award
Chatoyant Art Glass Award
Exceptional Superstar Acrylic Award
Star Dais Crystal Award
10-19 Years of Service Acrylic Award
Aurora Art Glass Award
Spectrum Art Glass Award
Leadership Curved Glass Award
Star Performance Acrylic Award
Pacific Art Glass Award
Flame Glass Award