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Love Your People to inspire teamwork and bonding Love Your People the teamwork book Love Your People Meeting Materials, Video, and Presentation

Love Your People

An Inspiring Message For Encouraging Teamwork

It’s called Love Your People.

8 simple points to help you encourage people to be kinder and more accountable to each other and the people they serve. It starts when you express the "real you" to your teams. Learn to accept and support each person in your business; be willing to talk with and receive feedback from the relationships you cultivate.

Quick to share. Motivating.

Used by thousands of leaders in every industry - profit and non-profit.

It can be shared by giving out the booklet (short, 5 minutes to read) or by showing the inspiring 4-minute video. It's the perfect message for any meeting or team.


It’s an inspiring 4-minute video to help you share the message.


How do I love my people?

• Contribute
• Be kind
• Be patient
• Be honest
• Encourage people
• Apologize
• Forgive
• Thank people

We've let too much get between us (each other) and the reasons we're here. As leaders, we must be forward-thinking and lead our organizations from a place of understanding. This valuable knowledge, if properly implemented, will reflect in many meaningful ways within the workplace community.

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Updated Thursday 06-13-2024
Love Your People Mousepad
from Phyllis Sullivan of Tavares, FL

Love Your People Mousepad

This mouse Pad has an amazing message
I love this product for the message and it is a useful mouse pad as well. It is definitely a conversation starter in the office.

Love Your People Booklet
from Brian of Santa Fe Springs, CA

Love Your People Booklet

Extraordinary Booklet
It might look small and unpretentious but don't let that deceive you. It is fun and informative, and you'll be surprised what you might learn from this tiny little thing of a booklet!

Love Your People excerpts

(excerpt from the booklet Love Your People, pages 1 & 2)

Part of the problem is the eggshells.

We’ve laid them out around ourselves and become worried about stepping on those that others have laid around themselves.

Some of us (all of us at one time or another) have forgotten our interdependence and obligation to other people. We’ve put ourselves (our comfort, our hearts, our minds) at the center of our universe (our universe?).

I want to encourage you to Love Your People.

Who are your people? Everyone who’s important to you ... your family ... your friends ... your colleagues ... your customers, patients, team, students ... even someone you may never know. These are your people (and you’re theirs).

And love? It’s care.

And care? It’s attention and contribution (what you give, what you do). It’s kindness, patience, generosity, and truth. It’s encouraging, apologetic, forgiving, and thankful.

We’ve let too much get between us (each other) and the reasons we’re here. We’ve allowed ourselves to slip into a state of busy distraction ... seeking the complex instead of embracing the simple. It’s time to stop going through the motions with our days (hours, minutes).

We need to give more and we need to enjoy more.

Love by Contributing & Being Kind

(excerpt from the booklet Love Your People, pages 4 & 5)

You know how.

But specifically ... how?

START BY DOING YOUR WORK. Contribute. Help someone else by doing what it is you do (on the job or in life). Do it the way you wish everyone else would do it for you (golden rule stuff).

But I don’t like my work, situation, company, boss, colleagues...

Be a part of the solution or find someplace/ thing else.

But I have a family, mortgage, credit cards, responsibilities...

Then be a part of the solution and start making where you are better (by the way... everyone has many of those things too).

But I told you ... my boss, coworkers, customers, situation...

I’m sorry. You’re a grown-up. Be a part of the solution or find someplace/thing else. Really.

It’s not that simple.

Yes ... it is.

BE KIND. This means you’re considerate (have concern and respect for others).

It means you’re pleasantly helpful and generous where you can be. Attentive.

attentive (adj) mindful of the comfort of others

But what if someone/thing makes it difficult to be kind?

Do your best to act in a way you’d like others to act toward you when you make things difficult.

But, I don’t make things difficult.

We all do.


Me too.

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Love by Being Patient & Honest

(excerpt from the booklet Love Your People, pages 6 & 7)

BE PATIENT. Approach people and situations calmly. Have a soothing and relaxed presence and give others the time you’d like to be given.

But what if it’s really urgent, like an emergency?

Be less patient with emergencies.

What if I think it’s more urgent than someone else thinks it is?

Then it’ll be more challenging to be patient.

What kind of an answer is that?

I’m sorry. You’re a grown-up. Be a part of the solution or find someplace/thing else. Really.


BE HONEST. Tell the truth. Get out of the way of yourself. Tell people what you think (kindly). Have the uncomfortable conversation. Avoid half-truths, exaggeration, and omission.

Okay. This is crazy.

Not really.

How can I be honest all the time and not be taken advantage of?

Sometimes you will be taken advantage of.

But, I don’t want to be.

Yes. It’s not fun.

So then why should I always be honest?

Because you want to Love Your People.

Right. But really?

Because that’s what you want other people to be with you and you don’t want to be a liar.



The additional 4 ways to Love Your People, a simple approach to making it happen, and a 'Time to Think' section with reflection questions conclude the booklet.