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Jeff Williams Quotes

10 Jeff Williams quotes:

"It's understandable, though. The owners have a lot of money invested in their teams, so they didn't want to take a chance on their players getting hurt or have their season disrupted. It's just a shame that such a popular sport has been eliminated. Hopefully, after that first Olympics without baseball (2012), they'll miss baseball and see that it was a mistake to drop it."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"I think all three would have been good members of the school board,"
Author: Williams Quotes Category: School Quotes
"I had a little more information on the hitters."
"Mere words cannot express the remorse I feel for the families, ... My heart goes out to the people involved."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"Kyle had been told by friends that it couldn't hurt him. He thought it was just a playful thing."
"We had a lot of young kids that were playing for us ... so we kind of limped through it. We'll take our licks and hopefully this will open up our eyes and we'll come out and do what needs to be done."
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"It's learning you. It's delivering the music you like and tracks your interaction with the music."
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"It makes for a short supply chain and we?re able to find the source of problems such as this right away. If we used dozens and dozens of suppliers, it would be harder to isolate the problem. But even with our blends, we?re only talking a couple of different sources."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"The purpose of the Fish and Wildlife Division is to assure compliance with laws that protect and enhance the long-term health and equitable utilization of Oregon's fish and wildlife resources."
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"Kyle passed away on March 2nd, 2005, and he was 14 years of age."

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