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"Our dealers were telling us, 'We can sell a luxury truck, you just have to work on your execution,' ... We went back to the customers to research it further, and it turned out the dealers were spot on."
"This project has become a major source of scientific information about North American bird populations. It is a classic example of the vital role citizens and the Internet now play in understanding our planet."
"Typically, on-line, there is no way to verify age. You have a credit card being offered or a check card that doesn't have a birth date. You're not looking at the person. There's no way to verify who you're dealing with. The only way to deal with that is at the point of delivery in the case of on-line sales."
"Oh man, that would not be good. I think it would be a dangerous thing for anyone to jeopardize the integrity of our court system like that, or to even joke about it. It would belittle the whole essence and core of our integrity."
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