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25 Kevin Quinn quotes:

"Even the Canada Games are headed that way."
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"I would consider that to be an advantage -- in that we don't have to travel, and the rink is five minutes from our district. We expect a very high turnout from our community, and even though they had a lot of fans at their game in their district, we'll see how committed their fans are."
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"I think they'll get on with their lives, get more sleep."
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"Mekenzie's running strong. I think Mekenzie's strength today was in the hills and knowing exactly where the hills were on the course."
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"The girls have yet to run at full strength. We are hoping that when some injuries heal, we will be able to close some gaps that we have."
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"We did a lot of running this summer together,"
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"Our biggest advantage this year is our youth. Our biggest disadvantage this year is our youth. They are a very willing group. We have a lot of great athletes, but a lot have never run cross country before."
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"This ruling once again creates special protections for violent sexual predators and gives them more rights than law-abiding New Yorkers."
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"We were able to take advantage of the fact that Brattleboro was not at full strength today,"
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"We're getting steady, solid grouping, ... What were were focusing on was trying to close the gap between one and the group today and that seemed to happen. They're very consistent, but you never know what order they're going to come in, which is kind of nice for a coach."
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"The boys will sneak up on a lot of teams because on paper it looks like we graduated everybody and there's all these new faces."
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"The boys without a doubt have to turn things around. The boys have been getting fairly well buried on the state level recently. We've had too many gaps that have killed us at the bigger meets. Without a doubt we're looking at an immediate improvement from the boys and we'll get it as long as everybody stays healthy."
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"We look at the population, age and ethnicity, income, projected household income, business growth broken down into number of employees and industry and traffic. When we break ground, it?s with pinpoint precision that the client base will expand and the market share will leverage growth."
"We're waiting for the doctors' OK for him to return to a full schedule."
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"It's been a great journey. We've enjoyed all of it."
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"We should have really good grouping on both sides (boys and girls), the question will be, 'How high is that grouping?'"
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"Because of the conditions on the course, we just wanted the kids to push it when they had good footing and back off when they didn't. We're walking away without limping on to the bus, which is the most important thing."
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"It's a good feeling and a good opportunity to get that number one seed. That's been our goal all year."
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"We had a good time last semester and are planning even more for the fall."
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"The police response was excellent and the bomb squad was here in 12 minutes. It was an unfortunate situation but it ran smoothly. The students were very mature and excellent in terms of their cooperation."
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