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Alan Young Quotes

7 Alan Young quotes:

"We have an awful lot of assumptions that these numbers hold a certain amount of magic, when they really are a snapshot, ... Why are we elevating these narrow scores and thinking they show so much?"
Author: Young Quotes Category: Magic Quotes
"They're ( police ) trying to flex their muscles and say the law's still vibrant."
Author: Young Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"In cases where you're trying to do more complex, sophisticated tasks in middle school, that's not as easily translatable into a multiple-choice test, ... If we used more authentic assessments, we might find they're not doing just as well but maybe better."
Author: Young Quotes Category: School Quotes
"What clicked on Mister Ed? I'll tell you, it was just about everything. It was an age of innocence. It was just a fun show. I think people had had their fill of quiz shows by then. The quiz shows had been investigated for crookedness."
"Last year set a new kind of standard, ... I think it does influence, especially when you consider how few people turn out to vote."
Author: Young Quotes Category: Influence Quotes
"They worked hard to not give labor a dedicated slot today."
Author: Young Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"It shows there is serious intent on the part of energy companies like SSE to try to get not only the newer technologies like wind well established but also the very new technologies out of the laboratory and on the ground, generating power."
Author: Young Quotes Category: Energy Quotes

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