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12 Pete Kendall quotes:

"I love his defiance. People are so quick to bury him. People can't look past (his age). Only three guys statistically have done it better (Smith, Payton and Sanders). Maybe they should rethink their definition of elite."
"Technical analysis has survived and developed over the years because it is a highly practical discipline. It gets away from speculating about causes, which may or may not be applicable, and makes do with the information the market itself provides."
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"It's another layer of proofreading. It's two more sets of eyes to see what we are doing."
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"He's not a Hall of Fame quarterback right now, but we're not going to ask Brooks to throw for 400 yards or run our offense like Peyton Manning. With the package that the coaches have installed thus far, he's more than capable of handling it."
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"They're studs, ... They're big and they move like basketball players. They should be illegal."
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"Typically, the first thing the center has to do is, as we call it, set the defense, ... Really, you're identifying the middle linebacker ... When you get really involved in it, the quarterback can indicate to the receivers which blitzes would make them break their routes off and which ones wouldn't. A lot of that depends on how I've set the front."
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"Because they had newer players, you were seeing the 100-level defense. Now they're back to playing 300-level defense."
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"I've had to cut back. The older I get, the less I can drink during the games."
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"The loss of Pat brings it home. Everyday there are countless families having to get the same news."
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"You don't want to see them get hurt. Whether it's your guy or not is immaterial."
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"We had a meal and a couple of beers. It was a nice night. I really looked forward to buying him another beer sometime down the road."
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"I made three mistakes, three critical mistakes. Basically I gave them 17 points tonight. It's embarrassing. I feel horrible."
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