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Russel Kinnel Quotes

11 Russel Kinnel quotes:

"When gold and Russia and India are the top-performing sectors, that's a dangerous space to be investing in."
Author: Kinnel Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"And not just to look at those two options either, ... If they can't get good management at modest cost, then liquidation is a good option too."
Author: Kinnel Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"Expenses are definitely trending down. As a result of the whole scandal, boards are taking their responsibility more seriously, subjecting fees to more scrutiny."
"In general, the more volatile a fund, the more likely it is that investors will be motivated by fear or greed."
Author: Kinnel Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"Too many companies had perverse incentive systems that rewarded hot short-term performance and didn't provide any penalties for long-term problems."
Author: Kinnel Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Most active managers are investing in what they think is a sure thing rather than their best speculative ideas. Nobody is out there trying to be a hero right now."
Author: Kinnel Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"He's a very sharp guy who did a really good job at Mutual Series. They got points for not giving up on their strategy during the growth boom and tossing aside dividends and balance sheet analysis."
Author: Kinnel Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"These are funds you can buy and not worry much about. They're well run, and you can depend on that year in and year out."
Author: Kinnel Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"Last year people got panicky about corporate debt because of Enron and WorldCom. The spread (between government and corporate bonds) got too big and the market reversed."
Author: Kinnel Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"High costs, the lack of an age-based option and poor investment choices make these options unappealing on almost every level."
"No one would accuse Lange as a closet indexer. He's done an awesome job at Capital Appreciation."

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