Sheldon Epps Quotes

4 Sheldon Epps quotes:

"I personally believe that the black audience is eager to have shows about their culture and history, ... When that material is put onstage, they are quite eager to get out and see it."
Author: Epps Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"It's not an easy character to grasp in this day and age, ... But Harrison is a very specific and interesting actor. Within his performance, he has a way of winking at the audience and letting them know he is manipulating the old captain."
Author: Epps Quotes Category: Age And Aging Quotes
"The show should be entertaining and funny and thrilling theatrically but also bring out the sociopolitical aspects of Ossie's story, ... We didn't want to treat it as dated material but rather as material of a certain time that is also relevant and important today. It's not simply a museum piece."
Author: Epps Quotes Category: Funny Quotes
"They really adore each other offstage and have a very similar sense of humor. These are qualities they bring onstage, and that makes for a very real relationship."
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