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Giovanni Bisignani Quotes

10 Giovanni Bisignani quotes:

"We fully understand the principles of supply and demand,"
"We fully understand the principles of supply and demand. But it is difficult to see this as anything other than a $14 billion cash grab by the oil industry that is pouring salt into the wounds of a global crisis."
"I applaud Malaysia's leadership in ratifying this important convention, which creates an international legal framework that will help attract finance to the aviation industry."
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"Remember, India is our greatest potential market."
"There is a new cautious optimism emerging in the industry. Improved economic prospects in Europe and Asia, combined with an improving situation in the US, will lead to reduced losses in 2006 and strengthened profitability in 2007. While the trend is positive, we are nowhere near sustainability."
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"The challenges facing the industry are enormous."
"The approach of the French Government to air transport is from another age. There was little or no financial transparency. And a result that ignores the recommendation of an independent commission makes a total mockery of the consultation process. The government should support greater efficiency rather than shirking its regulatory responsibilities."
"The fuel crisis at Heathrow is unprecedented. Today's agreement is a pragmatic solution to a very difficult, complex and unique situation. IATA will continue to closely monitor the situation. The next hurdle will be accommodating summer schedules that begin on 31 March. Simultaneously IATA will undertake to develop a global standard for handling future supply crises."
"We must continue to evolve to a low-cost industry that provides high-quality, cost-efficient service across the board. This should be at the top of our common agenda."
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"It's not revolutionary technology, it's not something that we have to invent, it's existing technology."

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