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5 Tom Fontana quotes:

"We did not go in and pitch a show about accounting. And so the nature of the show is, we're dealing with sexuality."
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"I'd write one character's story for all eight episodes, then the next character, while one of the other writers may be working on pieces of another character's story."
Author: Fontana Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"We wanted to tell the truth about what it is like to go to college in 2006."
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"It is about her evolution as a woman coming to understand it. She's not hiding her sexuality, she's trying to define her sexuality."
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"I was very inspired by what now looks like a golden age of television drama in the early to mid '90s--the first year of 'N.Y.P.D. Blue,' first few years of 'X-Files,' and 'Homicide,' which I consider one of the top three television shows ever created, ... OZ."

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