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15 Tom Moore quotes:

"Both of them struggled initially, but they're tougher than they look and [tougher than] their age. They'll face obstacles, and they're being forced quicker into action but they're tough enough to handle the highs and the lows."
"At times, we would like a personality that would be loud and demand guys to show more emotion. But our head coach is so emotional, he becomes the dominant personality."
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"I went to college and I can do math. If you have only six blockers and they're going to send seven to eight guys each time, you just can't run it."
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"Our head coach has high standards, as you know. And we're really proud of the way we played."
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"The last seven days have been real important to this program. It's usually when Coach Calhoun and his staff do our best work. We'll see over the next three days if we have done our best work. I think we have."
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"I don't mind being surprised every now and then. He has 100 percent authority to do what he wants, if he has a certain feel. One game he reverted back to a technique on a pass pattern that we probably hadn't practiced since training camp."
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"It is truly an honor to be named associate head coach at the University of Connecticut, ... I have thoroughly enjoyed my 11 years working for — and learning under — the best coach in college basketball."
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"Since 2002 the PhRMA code has been widely adopted. The code allows (providing) anatomical models but not things like golf bags."
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"This is for people that eat, sleep and live golf. From the moment they set foot on the property to the first tee to the time after they're done, we built everything to cater to the golf club atmosphere. It's kind of a less-is-more mentality."
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"I believe in the kinds of kids we have gotten over the years, ... Those feelings are enhanced when Coach has his charity games and you see the people who have gone through the program."
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"Sometimes Rudy's problem is he has trouble within a possession staying solid, especially on the defensive end for the entire possession."
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"I'm eager still to get a head coaching job down the line, ... But the special and unique nature of this program has forced me to be a little more selective."
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"People are either turning some of the security functions off or learning to live with lower network performance."
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"It took a while to get registered. The service wasn't as good as last year."
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"With all of the problems we encountered, the project could have taken another two or three months had we just blocked off one side of the street. With what we found later, we would have had to redo some of our work."
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