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"CBS had no intention of abiding by the terms of its own consent decree after it aired 'Without a Trace,' which had generated outcry from thousands of families. CBS should comply with the consent decree it signed and, if it's true to its word, should ensure that all its employees who were involved in the re-airing of 'Without a Trace' are suspended."
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"Kids who have repeated exposure to sexual content become sexually active at an earlier age. The research is absolutely there."
"There's clearly in the whole industry a desire to get bigger."
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"He's a pioneer, though I hate to use that word because it sounds laudatory, but he forged a beachhead in his ability to shock an audience. We're very happy to see him leave the public airwaves."
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"Those who violate the public trust are breaking the law and must be punished accordingly."
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"Programmers now know that a lot of these problems can be avoided if they just wait until 10 o'clock to broadcast objectionable material."
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"What you're seeing here is an industry that refuses to accept responsibility for the harm it is capable of."

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