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David Richards Quotes

8 David Richards quotes:

"It was an excellent result; Chris showed his full potential, and to do that in front of Subaru on the manufacturer's home event doesn't go amiss. Hopefully we can find a solution to keep Chris with us in world rallying next year. Chopping and changing does neither [driver and team] any good."
Author: Richards Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"We set out 10 years ago to improve safety for competitors and spectators. We've not seen a driver killed for 20 years almost,"
Author: Richards Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"He realized that with large corporations, there was a sense of needing to preserve those records, the upper-class records,"
Author: Richards Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"Neal wanted to preserve the records of the working class. And he also wanted to document the struggles of those people."
Author: Richards Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"There were 10 million nails everywhere you stepped. There was hazardous waste. There was sewage. The dogs don't have nice steel-toed boots that they can wear. They have to walk through the muck and they are decontaminated and washed every time they get back from a search."
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"Poland Spring: A Tale of the Gilded Age, 1860-1900."
"I'm just a bit sad for Sato because there's no denying that there is an extraordinary talent there. But it's just never harnessed properly."
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"There is a long learning curve in rallying. There's a long way to go before Chris is a consistent frontrunner."
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