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"People should read into it that age, particularly in our society today, is not the limiter that it once was."
"We've been following up on any potential leads."
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"Nowhere in any of these previous 2-1/2 years worth of investigations and documents has there been any reference to lions being used in detainee operations."
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"The Army has gone to great extent in travel, interviews, documentation and concern to make sure that each and every allegation was thoroughly reviewed, thoroughly examined and, when appropriate, acted upon either through non-judicial or judicial punishment."
"Throughout the past 18 months since he was captured, the U.S. Army has had units in Iraq looking for him or evidence of his location. The U.S. Army lives by a credo known as the warrior ethos, and one of the items in that credo is that we will leave no soldier behind."
"It's not the Army's intent to restrict the use of blogs for general use in disseminating information. However, it is the Army's intent to make soldiers and their chain of command aware that OPSEC measures must be adhered to when using blogs. Our adversaries are capable of collecting sensitive or classified information, both in narrative or image form, that gets posted on blogs when OPSEC policies are violated."
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"The Army has made numerous improvements in the area of soldier-protection equipment to the outer tactical vests and to the small-arms protective inserts."

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