Roger Clemens Quotes

50 Roger Clemens quotes:

"[After 41-year-old Roger Clemens struck out 11 Marlins last week, Florida manager Jack McKeon said,] Age is just a number. The way he pitched last night he probably could pitch until he's 50. ... I hope I'm upright when I'm his age."
"But I got a guy on third, I was in a jam the other day in a game, all those situations, when you need a strikeout there, in big spots. But we are very aware of that fact, that these guys put the ball in play."
"But I'm not looking forward to trying to strike out a lot of guys."
"Even though I play a professional sport now, I love college baseball."
"Every time I toe the rubber, it's no different for me than it was in the World Series."
"Everybody kind of perceives me as being angry. It's not anger, it's motivation."
"Going to Omaha for the College World Series - the people there are tremendous - huge crowds and a lot of excitement. I still remember those days - you make a lot of friends that you never forget when you win a championship like that."
"I love to work with the younger kids who are trying to live out their dreams, if in fact that's what they plan on doing after college to take the next step. A very select few have that opportunity so when you do have the opportunity you know, those guys take advantage of it."
"I still remember my team at UT jumping on me after getting that final out against Alabama to win the National Championship in '83."
"I wish there was a bar I could send opposing teams to and get them hammered or something - I could tell my buddies in New York to leave their places open or something. Playing for the Yankees, guys come at you extremely hard. I have to be ready or I'll be embarrassed."
"I've lost a little bit of my fire... I don't want to say I've lost my passion."
"If I get two strikes, I'll go to a pitch maybe that will help induce that a little bit."
"My only day off is the day I pitch."
"Some of my finest memories are from my time at the University of Texas. College baseball, I love it."
"That might be somebody's only chance to see me pitch. They might have driven four hours to get there. I'm going to be out there if I can help it."
"The student body was huge at UT and you had to mature pretty quick, very quick actually. I enjoyed it and it helped me a lot in my life in general - not only in the classroom but on the baseball field as well."
"The tradition you have at the University of Texas is like no other. It helped me in the future where I got to play in 2 cities that were rich in tradition."
"When I look back at the tapes, your first everything, your first All-Star Game, your first playoff experience, it just seems like it went by really fast."
"You know in 1982, the year we came in tied for 3rd, we probably had a better team - I mean as far as talent. When we came back the following year and won it, our pitching staff was a little more experienced and it was such a thrill."
"It was an exciting time for me personally because the number of times I've been to the playoffs, that was the opportunity to obtain the first ring. That was special, that's for sure."

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