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50 Roger Clemens quotes:

"How about it? We're going to go see it. We're going to dance and do a little something."
"We're looking at that game square in our eyes right now. That's the most important thing we've got going. So, you know, you didn't want any extra added pressure on Brandon."
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"I mean, I'm 43. I can use that as an excuse, can't I?"
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"I think steroids are great for my mother because she needs them. To keep her health. I think they hurt the athletes. They make us break down and do too many things. We've already gone through the proper channels to be tested and to clean it up and, so, we're on our way to do it."
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"But I'm not looking forward to trying to strike out a lot of guys."
"That might be somebody's only chance to see me pitch. They might have driven four hours to get there. I'm going to be out there if I can help it."
"You know in 1982, the year we came in tied for 3rd, we probably had a better team - I mean as far as talent. When we came back the following year and won it, our pitching staff was a little more experienced and it was such a thrill."
"I'd be cheating everyone here, the staff and rest of my teammates, if I wasn't able to stay on top of my work. It was almost like therapy, to come back and get in an environment I'm comfortable with."
"We were like two tired old men walking out of the tunnel, and then we were like two kids having a good time. We were holding each other up."
"It was everything I expected it to be, a lot of pride. Finally, everything's come together."
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"I get my determination from her, ... She told me to go to work."
"Even though I play a professional sport now, I love college baseball."
"Everybody kind of perceives me as being angry. It's not anger, it's motivation."
"I wish there was a bar I could send opposing teams to and get them hammered or something - I could tell my buddies in New York to leave their places open or something. Playing for the Yankees, guys come at you extremely hard. I have to be ready or I'll be embarrassed."
"My thoughts going into it was to give the kid tomorrow a little leeway and not have it rest upon his shoulders. We're looking at that game squaring our eyes right now."
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"My legs felt fine, ... I still need to get a little more strength in my lower half, but I think Jim Hickey, our pitching coach, and the skipper were happy with the way I was getting out over my front leg. So it makes a big difference; without the burning sensation in my leg, it was a lot nicer. My control was still off, and I think that was what was aggravating me a little early."
"[After 41-year-old Roger Clemens struck out 11 Marlins last week, Florida manager Jack McKeon said,] Age is just a number. The way he pitched last night he probably could pitch until he's 50. ... I hope I'm upright when I'm his age."
"We came back from so much this year, even more than what we did last year. I'm truly happy for so many people here. I'm happy for the city of Houston."
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"I wanted to thank her properly at the Hall of Fame, ... But I keep playing this silly game."
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"I worry more about the man's health than I do about him hitting home runs or whatever this witch hunt we're on."
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