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15 Roy Halladay quotes:

"Even in the spring when they had so many pitchers at an advanced age I wondered about how they would do,"
"That's always been a question for debate. I think pitchers never like to go back-to-back facing teams but that hitters sometimes feel like they have a better idea of what they're going to see."
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"They had some good ideas to start the whole thing, so we had to come back with something. I think we've put an end to it."
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"Physically I felt good. That's always a good thing early on, having the health there. Then you got to work on executing."
"Physically, I felt good. So that's always a good thing early on -- having the health there. The cutter was kind of hit or miss today, so there's still a couple things to work on. Obviously, you would like to start better, but I got my work in."
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"Right now my biggest emphasis is on location, making sure they're quality pitches and I feel good. (Velocity) is something that comes, get a couple of more times out and that will take care of itself."
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"For now, my biggest emphasis was on location, making sure they were quality pitches."
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"It gave A.J. and the rest of us a better idea where he stands physically. It's left him feeling a little more comfortable about his rehabilitation. And it was good for us, because now we kind of feel that, okay, we can get things done until he gets back."
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"After three weeks in a cast he was back running stairs and after 10 weeks he was back in a cast,"
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"In his case, when they do that Tommy John, a lot of the risk of [the ligament tearing] again has kind of gone away. I think from the standpoint of it being something major like that, I didn't really [think the injury would be serious]. You just didn't want him out for an extended period."
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"They hung in there, they played well and the mistakes I made, they hit. Some days you get away with it. Today wasn't one of those days."
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"When I first came up I was just pitching on talent alone,"
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"With every player there's a certain point where it all starts to click. A lot of it is just learning yourself and what works for you."
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"I had some time off to rest and haven't had any problems ever since then. It's kind of disappeared this winter so that's nice."
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"I threw 90 pitches and felt good the whole time. I felt great, there were no problems out there today at all, and I feel good about the arm and should be able to go longer next time out."
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