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Jeremy Bates Quotes

9 Jeremy Bates quotes:

"I've had plenty of chats with Tim about the Davis Cup and he has stated his feelings on it and I respect that."
Author: Bates Quotes Category: Feelings Quotes
"He's an inspiration to the other players trying to follow in Andy's footsteps,"
"I believe in meticulous planning and I know who will be starting the matches. Indeed, my opinion hasn't changed on the matter since the US Open earlier this month."
Author: Bates Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"Andy can inspire other players coming through the ranks as he is about their age,"
"I don't believe in giving up on anything,"
Author: Bates Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"You look at the quality of teams we have been playing against recently and it is not going to get any easier. You used to be able to look at the 16 teams in the World Group and after that you might get two or three good draws but that does not exist any more. But I think in Greg Rusedski and Andy Murray we have got the perfect blend."
Author: Bates Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"This tie presents a wonderful opportunity for us to play against truly world-class opposition and the world's best player Roger Federer. This will be a tough tie, but one that we are more than capable of getting a result from. We have a chance of playing in the World Group next year and I know the players are determined to give everything they have to try and make that a reality."
Author: Bates Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"Serbia are a world-class team but in Davis Cup tennis the crowd are such an important factor."
Author: Bates Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"I'm not sure where they're coming from with that choice of surface. I've heard all sorts of things, one of them, which may be a bit far-fetched, is that they've chosen it because they're not sure Federer is going to play."
Author: Bates Quotes Category: Choice Quotes

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