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Jim Higgins Quotes

6 Jim Higgins quotes:

"I see it as a lose-lose situation. Integration problems with airline mergers are legendary."
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"They are very far apart on difficult issues like work rules. Delta has a work rule advantage versus other competitors that it doesn't want to give up. And among the pilots, there is a very vocal dissident group, and it makes it more difficult to reach a settlement,"
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"I think there's a risk we're going through a period that profits will get squeezed relative to expectations. If economy slows dramatically, there could be real downside risk to numbers. But having said that, if we have a soft landing (for economic growth) and fuel prices coming down just a bit, then things could actually improve."
"Without those concessions, we think approval of the loan is unlikely,"
Author: Higgins Quotes Category: Approval Quotes
"My understanding is that the single greatest gap is on the Delta Express issue. Management is saying we need to enlarge it, and pilots saying we don't want it at all. That's a pretty big gap, so I'd be surprised if they reach an agreement today."
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"She showed wisdom way beyond her age and delivered a result for that gentleman that we could only hope to achieve in every situation,"

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