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8 Irv DeGraw quotes:

"This is a carryover that's already been knocked down and it didn't get any better with age."
"We're having a science fiction week in investment banking land. They're throwing so much out it's confusing the market."
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"They have a phenomenal growth rate, attractive outlook, and an extraordinary cash burn. They are a momentum play at a time when the market is very skeptical about momentum plays."
Author: DeGraw Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"What's going on is the market running out of gas at the end of the week."
Author: DeGraw Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"If you're a good deal you're going to get done. If you're not a good, strong, solid deal, there's no hope for you."
"This was really no surprise. They have breakthrough technology and even with the boost in the number of shares sold this looked good."
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"They've got all the magic words between appliances and Linux, but there is also some meat behind this. It's not just smoke and mirrors; it's a real business. We're seeing more and more of these companies moving away from ephemeral businesses and getting into real businesses."
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"It's more than just networking. What they are doing is building Linux appliances, which has real cost-saving (potential) for Web site operators. They are looking to attack the market early and hard. That was the Netscape strategy and the strategy."
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